Tess Hottenroth of ClickStartMe Profiled on The Story Exchange

Tess HottenrothClickStartMe Founder Tess Hottenroth Interviewed on The Story Exchange a Womens Business Site discussing her crowdfunding site.

Tess Hottenroth, one of the small minority of women to helm a tech startup, was recently featured on popular women’s business site The Story Exchange. The interview and feature story highlights Hottenroth’s unique background and explains why she chose to help people take back the American Dream by founding her popular crowdfunding website.

“Being featured on The Story Exchange gives me the opportunity to spread the word about ClickStartMe to a large audience of women in business,” Hottenroth said. “I hope that my success story helps provide inspiration for other women to not be afraid to tackle the tech world.”

The Story ExchangeIn the feature, Hottenroth explains how ClickStartMe began with a desire to restore the American Dream. “People have become disenchanted since 2008. Lenders clutch bailout dollars without lending. Political posturing, partisan blame, and empty promises aren’t fixing the economy,” Hottenroth noted. “I met people with phenomenal ideas that were going nowhere and dreams that weren’t taking flight because traditional funding sources had dried up. I wanted to be proactive instead of giving in to disenchantment.” ClickStartMe LogoHottenroth explains how she founded ClickStartMe to rejuvenate the American Dream than by leveraging the power of people inspired by an idea and willing to put their money and heart behind it. “At ClickStartMe, my goal is to make the American Dream a reality again, one project at a time.” Hottenroth says. “Every revolution needs a renegade. ClickStartMe is revolutionizing crowdfunding. I want to find other renegades and support their revolutions.”

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