Kickstarter Harbors, Fosters Student Ideas


Funded With KickstarterStudents who want to see their creative goals become a reality should consider taking advantage of the Kickstarter website to generate funds and support for project ideas.


Kickstarter is an online platform where several projects involving art, food, music and everything in between can receive funding. Participants post their ideas and plans on Kickstarter in an attempt to gain community funding and support, both of which are vital to launching projects. According to, the website became open to the public April 28, 2009 and has since helped 44 percent of posted projects reach their funding goals.


The Kickstarter website is important because of its role in encouraging ordinary individuals to pursue their dreams, no matter how outlandish. The website hosts a community of users who donate to projects they deem worthwhile in the hopes of flourishing someone’s particular initiatives. Users who post projects often generate a supportive fan base, which in turn encourages them to move forward with an idea. Eventually, many donators or “backers” are rewarded for their generosity by seeing ideas succeed and receive special tokens in thanks.

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