Star Citizen: Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign Ever (And it’s Not Over Yet)

Star Citizen Monthly TotalsAs Crowdfund Insider published earlier this month, the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign still doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  The campaign had just surpassed $23 Million raised on the 17th of October.  As of today – according to a Letter from the Chairman now the never ending crowdfunding march has surpassed $25 Million in contributions – as contribution momentum has increased.

It was only last week when the campaign hurdled past $24 Million.  October has been the games single biggest month for crowdfunding to date (with a few days left in the month).  With each new million dollar mark Star Citizen adds new features and promises to deliver better infrastructure for their committed fans – over 286,000 have contributed to the Star Citizen cause.  Now the next stretch goal is in at $26 Million.

So let’s put Star Citizen’s perpetual raise in perspective.

Since Kickstarter started in 2009 their single biggest campaign is the poster child for crowdfunding the Pebble Smartwatch.  Pebble raised $10,266,845 – less than half of Star Citizen.

  • Under the Games category the Ouya Game Console raised $8,596,474.  A bit over 1/3 of where Star Citizen stands today
  • The Story Driven CRPG Torment: Tides of Numenera raised $4,188,927. Not even 1/6 of Star Citizen.
  • The much heralded Veronica Mars raised $5,702,153.  Hollywood is not event close.
  • In the technology category the FORM 1 3D Printer  only $2,945,885.  The Oculus Rift – something I want today – $2,437,429.
  • Indiegogo’s most successful campaign to date is the Canary Smart Home Device which raised under $2 Million.
  • The Ubuntu Edge raised a respectible $12 million plus but fell well short of their $32 Million goal.

Star Citizen EnemySo in the crowdfunding Hall of Fame – why is Star Citizen so frequently skipped?  Perhaps because it is not associated with a large platform.  Or maybe it is because they have followed their own crowdfunding path targeting their committed fans not beholden to any outside guidelines.

Regardless, the Star Citizen game has beaten them all and stands as the largest crowdfunding campaign to date – even as the campaign continues.  At some point the “Roberts Space Industries” will call an end.  Some backers are saying $50 Million will be the end of the run.  If October is the barometer for what’s to come – perhaps that is not so far fetched as it may have seemed only a few months ago.

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  • The_Ron1n

    Absolutely great experience so far with star citizen. The Devs do a great job including their community into the development process and talk to them daily on there chat. its refreshing to be able to see the people hard at work on a game and actually get to know some of them during the process. its unlike any other game experience ive ever had. rock on CIG and ill cya in the verse

    • SteinarB

      And that is the secret to Star Citizen’s success. Cloud Imperium Games are constantly communicating with and keeping their fans and backers involved in the process of developing the game. If you want people to throw money at you you have to catch their interest and then work to _keep_ them interested. If you do that then those same fans will work as a free PR department for you, spreading awareness of the project by word of mouth and drawing in even more backers who in turn will help spread word of mouth and so on and so forth.

      The result? 26 million dollars as of today, and steadily increasing.