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Uh Oh!: “Star Citizen” Developers Slapped with Lawsuit By Crytek For Breach of Contract

Big trouble for a crowdfunding success. Star Citizen, a highly anticipated video game that has surpassed more than $170 million in funding, is facing some legal issues. Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Roberts Space Industries (RSI), the creators of the game, have been slapped with a lawsuit by… Read More

Crowdfunding Success “Star Citizen” Surpasses $141 Million in Funding

Just a little over a year after securing $100 million, Star Citizen from Roberts Space Industries an addition $41 million in funding from well over 1.7 million backers. Back in November of 2012, the game successfully raised $2.1 million on Kickstarter. Chris Roberts, the campaign organizer, has kept… Read More

Star Citizen Nears $54M Stretch Goal; Gives First Look at Co-Op & Friend Mode

Robert’s Space Industries’ Star Citizen,  the never ending crowdfunding campaign, is making its way to its next stretch goal of $54,000,000. But NOT before it gives fans a taste of what’s to come. In case you haven’t heard, Star Citizen initially set out to raise… Read More

Star Citizen: Biggest Crowdfunding Campaign Ever (And it’s Not Over Yet)

As Crowdfund Insider published earlier this month, the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign still doesn’t get the credit it deserves.  The campaign had just surpassed $23 Million raised on the 17th of October.  As of today – according to a Letter from the Chairman now the never… Read More

Star Citizen Hits $18 Million, RSI Aims For Much More Than Money

What if I told you the biggest, most ambitious rewards-based crowdfunding campaign in history wasn’t a Kickstarter project or an Indiegogo project? The Pebble watch is somewhat widely recognized as the largest campaign of its type. I’m guilty of making the assertion myself. Some will… Read More

Star Citizen’s Crowdfunding Voyage Continues, Rockets Past $15 Million

When we last reported on crowdfunding video game Star Citizen it stood at $14 Million.  This was back in early July.  The ongoing crowdfunding voyage now stands at over $15 Million supported by over 221,000 “Star Citizens”. For those who have not been following the… Read More

Star Citizen Continues to Crowdfund, Almost at $14 Million

Video game Star Citizen, created by Chris Roberts and his Roberts Space Industries (RSI), is ready to surpass $14 Million raised.  This crowdfunding campaign has the potential to be the single largest campaign ever and already stands in the top crowdfunding campaings to take place… Read More

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