The Miracle Machine Wants to Change the Winemaking Industry Forever

The Miracle Machine Final ProductThe Miracle Machine is not even crowdfunding yet and already it is generating a buzz.  Expected to launch a crowdfunding campaign soon on Kickstarter, the device is a new process to create high quality of wine, at a fraction of the current cost, in just a short period of time.  If the designers accomplish their goal – the name will be well deserved.

Created by two wine lovers, Kevin Boyer and Philip James, apparently the idea came to fruition “after too many glasses of wine over dinner”.  Something many of us can empathize with all to well.  The challenge was could you bring together the technology available today and apply this knowledge to an art such as winemaking.  Yes there have been other crowdfunding campaigns to create an automated process for making beer – but this is the first one to tackle something as mystical as the magic of winemaking.

Kevin BoyerBoyer and James work together today at Custom vine, an industry leader in the creation of custom wines, a company that allows you to create a 3x better wine for your customers at a more competitive price point.  James and Boyer are now taking a silicon valley type approach to attack the winemaking equation even further – and they want to change the industry forever.

Many wine drinkers love the mystique of the process.  The nuance of Philip Jamesthe terroir and the skill of the winemaker.  For people involved in the industry – especially those in the much coveted top tiers – what Boyer and James want to do must border on heresy.

The Miracle Machine is a fermentation chamber where you simply add the ingredients, dial up the type of wine you want to create on your smartphone (iOS and Android), and within a few days your wine is ready to consume.  One shortcoming (at least for some) is the fact since the wine is created under air and not under inert gas – the wine will only keep for a short period of time.  So you make and consume.

The Miracle Machine deviceThey are ready to produce the first 2000 of these devices and they are gearing up so their Kickstarter campaign will be a success out of the gate.  The two indicate they are, understandably, not capturing much support in the Valley so they are going with the crowd  to finance the first batch of production.  The concept will be a subscription approach where users who purchase the device will join a “club” and for $10 per month you will receive enough ingredients to make a bottle a week.

The Miracle Machine Wine AppI don’t know if this will transform the winemaking industry, but making wine from water in a couple of days – if the product lives of to their claims – to replicate the delicate chemical structure matching fine wines from around the world is certainly a fascinating goal.







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