Ukranian Defense Ministry Seeks Crowdfunding Donations In Campaign

It may not be taking place online, but a crowdfunding campaign is seeking cash to support the Ukranian Defense Ministry and, by proxy, the Ukranian Army. Donations are being taken in part via cell phone, and supporters are being encouraged to text “565.” The text will initiate a one-time donation of 5 hryvnyas, or about $.50 US.

According to BBC News, only 6,000 Ukranian troops are combat-ready due to a lack of funding. That lack of funding is what this campaign hoped to correct, at least in part.

Reports also say that a hoax was launched to trick potential contributors into thinking that a campaign donation went to “help the liberators of Crimea” from Ukranian soliders. Still, that hasn’t stopped the campaign from raising some serious cash. In part from the crowd and in part from various other sources, the campaign has raised over $1.5 million to date.

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