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SMEs Show Resilience Despite Persistent Inflation But Rising Interest Rates Pose Challenges – iBanFirst Report

For SMEs, the year 2023 could mark a “turning point.” They have shown resilience “despite persistent inflation and the war in Ukraine, but they are now having to face rising interest rates which is making life tough for them for three reasons,” according to iBanFirst,… Read More

PeerBerry Reports €46.2M of War-Affected Loans Now Repaid to Investors

In 21 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, repaid PeerBerry investors €46.2 million or 92% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations. Today, Gofingo Group repaid PeerBerry investors €200 000 in war-affected loans…. Read More

Tether Freezes 32 Crypto Addresses Reportedly Linked to Terrorism, Warfare in Israel, Ukraine

Tether, the largest stablecoin company in the world, reaffirmed its commitment to working closely with law enforcement agencies across the globe to combat cryptocurrency-funded terrorism and warfare. To date, Tether has “aided 31 agencies worldwide with investigations across 19 jurisdictions, freezing a total of $835… Read More

European Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €45.52M of War-Affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

In 19 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, “repaid PeerBerry investors €45.52 million or 90.64% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations.” Compared to other war-affected platforms, PeerBerry claims that it is the… Read More

Revolut, Game4Ukraine to Raise Funds for Reconstruction of Ukrainian School

Revolut, the global financial super app with more than 30 million customers worldwide, has partnered with the charity match Game4Ukraine, which will take place on August 5th at Stamford Bridge Stadium in London. Two teams lineup, captained by ambassadors of the fundraising platform UNITED24, Andriy… Read More

Vouched, an AI-Powered Digital Identity Platform, to Provide ID Verification Services to Support Refugees

Vouched, an AI-driven identity verification platform, announced it will provide identity verification services in support of the launch of FreedomID, a platform designed “to support refugees in their safe passage and settlement anywhere in the world, formed by UK tech company Zenoo.” Vouched expects to… Read More

Crypto Lobbying Efforts Now Focusing on Ohio Ukrainian Population

Digital Innovation for America, a lobbying group advocating on behalf of digital assets, has updated its campaign to highlight the ability of crypto to streamline transfers or payments globally by promoting the need for Ukrainians living in the US to support the ongoing war against… Read More

Investment Platform PeerBerry Reports €38.73M of War-affected Loans Being Repaid to Investors

EU coins money Europe

PeerBerry business partners are repaying €1.8 million of war-affected loans. Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 15 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already “repaid €38.73 million, or 77.12% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.” As noted in a blog post,… Read More

Financial Crime: FBI, Ukraine Seize Crypto Exchanges for Allegedly Facilitating Illicit Activities

On April 25th, 2023, the FBI’s Detroit Field Office, with assistance from the Virtual Currency Response Team (VCRT), the Cyber Police Department and Main Investigation Departments of the National Police of Ukraine, and the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, reportedly “conducted coordinated, court-authorized activity involving… Read More

Mintos Shares Russia-Ukraine Crisis Impact Updates: €10.4M Recovered, Revo Case Now Closed

After “proactive” efforts to petition the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (The Central Bank), in September 2022, Revo Russia (OOO Revo Technologies MFC) obtained special permission in order “to accelerate repayment of its obligations to Mintos investors in payments larger than 10 million RUB… Read More

PeerBerry Reports €36.8M of War-Affected Loans Repaid to Investors

PeerBerry recently revealed that its business partners are repaying €1.8 million worth of war-affected loans. PeerBerry writes in a blog post that under the current Group guarantee mechanism in 14 months of the war, the investment platform’s business partners have already repaid €36.8 million, or… Read More

PeerBerry Investors Funded €65.53M of Loans Last Month, an 18.5% MoM Increase

In March, PeerBerry investors reportedly funded €65.53 million of loans, “i.e., €10.23 million or 18.5% more than the previous month.” In March, their investors “received €877 001 in interest.” 1071 new investors joined the platform last month. The average annual ROI on PeerBerry “in March… Read More

Cyber Risk Analytics Firm CyberCube Identifies Focus Areas for Cyber Insurance, Broking Community

Nation-state cyber threat actors are expected to acquire and flex new offensive cyber capabilities in “an increasingly polarized world,” warns cyber risk analytics specialist CyberCube. In a new report, CyberCube anticipates “there will be further attempts to compromise IT supply chains and geopolitical targets such… Read More

PeerBerry Reports that €34.8M of War-Affected Loans Were Repaid to Investors

PeerBerry business partners are “repaying EUR 1.7 million of war-affected loans.” Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 13 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already “repaid EUR 34.8 million, or 69,3% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.” Remember that AutoMoney UA… Read More

TransferGo Has Become One of the Largest Platforms for Remittances in Ukraine

TransferGo says it has emerged as one of the top platforms enabling remittances and transfers to Ukraine. TransferGo is a Fintech that is regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. The company states that the largest amount of funds going into Ukraine is from Poland and… Read More

Fintechs Brace for Soaring Financial Crime – Cyber, Tax Fraud, Environmental Crime Top Concerns: Report

  As war continues to rage in Ukraine and inflation impacts the economy, fintechs and digital banks expect the subsequent global economic downturn “to drive a rise in financial crime – and they’re staffing up their financial crime prevention teams.” A new survey by ComplyAdvantage,… Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Repays All Outstanding Belarus Investments

Eleving Group has shared its operational and financial updates. Eleving Group continues “to reduce its portfolio exposure in Belarus.” The portfolio “has substantially decreased during last year and continues to further amortize.” The impact of the portfolio reduction “has been minimal on the Group’s financials…. Read More

Tempo France Expects Remittances Corridor from EU to Ukraine to Stabilize in 2023

The money transfer system Tempo France has a “positive outlook” for the dynamics of the remittances corridor between the EU and Ukraine in 2023. The company stated that the segment “would see a 5 percent shrink in annual terms in Q1 2023.” But the remittances… Read More

European Investment Platform Mintos Comments on Key Updates from Past Year

  2022 was a year of challenges, but also “huge wins” for Mintos and their investors, the company claims. During 2022, Mintos launched a new financial instrument, Notes, “benefiting our investors with investor protection mechanisms.” They also celebrated “reaching a milestone of 500 000 registered… Read More

Jack Tan, Co-founder of WOO Network, Shares Insights on Crypto, Bitcoin Price Decline, Outlook for 2023

The year 2022 was by far the most “eventful” year for the crypto market, according to Jack Tan, the Co-founder of WOO Network. According to Jack Tan of the WOO Network, the industry that has been struggling for years to get mass adoption “took back-to-back… Read More

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