Dogecoin’s Dogecar Places 20th at Talledega NASCAR Race


Sharing some exciting news after the big race in Talladega, Dogecoin announced its new vehicle Dogecar made a special appearance on the track on Sunday. The company became famous during the 2014 Sochi Olympics when it help lead a crowdfunding campaign for the Jamaican bobsled teams’ Dogesled, as well as providing donations for this year’s World Water Day.

Earlier this year, NASCAR driver Josh Wise was struggling to remain in good standing for the upcoming race at Talladega due to being without a sponsor. Luckily his story attracted Dogecoin’s subreddit and it raised a total of $55k for all expenses allowing the famous race car driver to participate (as he was unable to afford it on his own). Mr. Wise’s #98 car will be turned into the dogecar, and it was out to conquer the world during the race. Unfortunately, Mr. Wise finished in 20th place.

Josh WiseWhile discussing the not-so-great placing, Mr. Wise stated, “There was a last lap where I had a really great run coming to the white flag and had a few guys pushing me from behind. The No. 18 car kind of cut across the front of me and I had to let off to keep from basically wrecking him and probably 15 of us others including myself, so it kind of killed our momentum and we ended up 20th. But I thought we had a really good shot at a top 10 or top 5 there up until that point.”

Mr. Wise’s inspiring story attracted many first-time NASCAR watchers from the Dogecoin community. Since the initiative to fund for the race began, the driver has become familiar with the company and Reddit, even doing a few Ask Me Anything (AMA) and interacting directly with fans from all over the world.


“What made it cool was just the support of the community and the excitement around it,” Mr. Wise explained. “That’s pretty unique from a sponsor.”

In regards to Dogecoin sponsoring him in the future, Mr. Wise noted, “We’re trying to get that sponsorship on a consistent basis, you know, and that’s really going to take our team to the next level as far as being competitive. Whether that’s with Dogecoin or Reddit communities or however we get that, that’s definitely what we’re looking for.”

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