Nanoleaf Bloom Dimming Bulbs Over $160,000 During Final Days on Kickstarter

Nanoleaf Bloom 2

Setting mood lighting  just got easier, at least that’s what Toronto-based inventors Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, and Christain Yan state anyway. The three self proclaiming “tree-huggers” launched a $30,000 crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Nanoleaf Blooms, the dimmable light bulbs that do not need a dimmer. During its time on the platform, the project has raised well over its initial goal and has reached close to $162,000 by nearly 1,800 backers.

Nanoleaf Bloom 1Last year, the inventors made their first appearance on the crowdfunding site with what is considered “the world’s most energy efficient light bulb,” the Nanolight. The team quickly surpassed their initial $20,000 goal and raised $273,278 from 5,746. Now they are back and are ready to bring the bulb that gives people the freedom to dim down their lights in more places and further reduce energy usage.

Key points of the Nanoleaf Bloom are the following:

  • It “transforms” any regular ON/OFF switch into a dimmer switch using the bulb’s custom built0in microprocessor.
  • The more the user dims, the more energy they will save. At 50% brightness, Nanoleaf Bloom only uses 2.5W.
  • No flickering, just simple smooth dimming that protects the users eyes.

Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, Christian YanThe team also noted, “No hardware, no apps, just take the Nanoleaf Bloom out of the box, put it into any fixture and start adjusting the brightness using the light switch that’s already there. With our patented technology, we have been able to transform the switching of the light switch into a control signal for our light. With this technology, we have enabled you to dim your lights in light fixtures that were before only able to be 100% on or off.”

“We believe that the only way to increase adoption of energy efficient technology is to make it more convenient and more innovative than the existing products on the market. We designed the Nanoleaf Bloom to improve the convenience of being able to dim our lights wherever we are regardless of whether a dimmer switch is available.”

Nanoleaf Bloom’s features include:

  • Nanoleaf Bloom 4Dimmable in any ON/OFF light fixture or lamp: The customized embedded microprocessor inside of the Nanoleaf Bloom enables the user to adjust the brightness using a simple ON/OFF light switch.
  • Still considered the world’s most energy efficient light bulb: Operating at 120 lumens/watt, this bulbt is the most energy efficient light bulb on the market. Achieving a max brightness of 1200 lumens (75 watt equivalent) using only 10 watts of electricity.
  • Omnidirectional lighting: The Nanoleaf Bloom emulates the classic light bulb and directs lights in all directions. This allows for light to be distributed evenly, and provide the ultimate lighting experience.
  • The “most comfortable” experience for your eyes: The Nanoleaf Bloom is designed to take three seconds to ramp up to full brightness, which is just enough time for your retina to adjust to the brightness.

The campaign is set to close on September 12, and the project’s team announced that they will start shipping the Nanoleaf Bulbs this November.

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