Crowdfunding Now: 5 Sunglass Projects

There are certain things that I refuse to leave the house without: car keys, cellphone, wallet, purse… the number one essential item, even if it’s a cloudy day? My sunglasses. Even when I have numerous pairs of sunglasses just sitting in my car – trust me, there are a lot of them – I am always looking for a new pair to shield my eyes from harmful UV rays and blue light.

So in the quest to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, I have found five sunglasses from Indiegogo and Kickstarter that will not only help block out the sun’s brightness, but will look great as well.



Dubbed as the “sunglasses on steroids” the Orion4Sight sunglasses are “powered” are the spin-off version of the patented ORION Optical Eyewear Filters used by the U.S. Military (Navy Seals specifically) and are forumated to provide an “enhanced vision experience”

Key ORION4Sight benefits are:

  • Distinct Image Contrast
  • Improved Image Crispness
  • Provides accurate and improved color saturation
  • Reduces eyestrain
  • Unisex wrap-around frames which block unfiltered light from reaching the eye
  • Powered by patents proven to improve human vision under extreme lighting conditions

Hemp Eyewear – Hemp Fiber Sunglasses

Hemp Sunglasses

Each pair of Hemp Eyewear sunglasses is obviously made up of a hemp composited material consisting of flax fibers. Its frames are formed from compression molding process materials that is strong and lightweight. All of the product’s materials (including packaging) are 100% sustainable, eco-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable. All of the sunglasses are made by hand in the UK and are coated in resin which adds extra waterproof and strength properties.

The creators of the sunglasses use polarized lenses, which are made from bio material. Spring hinges are used in the frames and are made from high nickel that gives them excellent resistance to corrosive conditions. More importantly: the sunglasses are unisex size! Ladies and gents alike can enjoy these innovative sunglasses. Every pair comes with a handmade hemp box and drawstring bag.

Sets: Sunglasses You Can Customize For Life


Imagine customizing your own sunglasses to not only protect your eyes but also match ANY outfit. With Sets, this can become reality! These sunglasses come with interchangeable side arms. The uniquely designed frames allow the user to quickly and easily change color combinations to customize however they want, whenever they want. The creators of the eyewear are so confident in them that they are 100% guaranteed for life.

Sets’ features include:

  • The Hinge: Made from stainless steel and has the polished look of a standard sunglasses hinge yet gives the user the freedom to detach and change side arm colors.
  • The Frames: The creators use a high quality injection molded polycarbonate material that creates a durable, lightweight frame.
  • The Lenses: Polarized and UV 400 protection lets the user see the world in rich, vivid colors while protecting the user’s eyes from harmful UV light.

Daybreak Sunglasses: The Classics

Daybreak Sunglasses

Daybreaks are known as premium quality sunglasses and offers a timeless style and are durable, customizable, and above all affordable. Each pair is made from the highest quality materials and are designed for those that live living an outdoor lifestyle and want to enjoy every minute of it with the right pair of sunglasses.

Although the sunglasses sound absolutely amazing, one major feature that caught my eye is that the user is given a chance to help others. By purchasing a pair of Daybreaks, the user helps to restore sight to someone in need across Asia, Africa and Central America. The creators have even partnered up with international development organization, SEVA, to help restore vision and prevent others from going blind unnecessarily.

Arrow Project

Arrow Project

Arrow Project Sunglasses are made from 100% bamboo wood. Its lens give an Instagram filtered feel and are polarized to protect eyes from the sun’s UV rays.  By being made with bamboo, the sunglasses have a unique curvy line design within the wood. They are have quite a solid, smooth curve to its frame structure.

Why use bamboo? Because it’s the fastest-growing plants on the planet and the key advantage is that it grows fast. It’s not a free and is surprisingly strong, which means the sunglasses can handle anything.

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