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Zungle Panther Sunglasses to Finish Kickstarter Run With $1.9M

Success! Zungle Panther sunglasses is finishing its Kickstarter run with over $1.9 million thanks to 11,000 backers. The Los Angeles startup launched a highly popular crowdfunding campaign last month to raise only $50,000 for the production of the eyewear. Zungle Panther offers users a wire free… Read More

From the Netherlands to Brazil: Propeaq Launches Seedrs Campaign to Send Wearable Light Therapy Devices to the 2016 Summer Olympics

Earlier this week, Netherland-based Propeaq launched a Seedrs campaign to raise £120,000 so that it may send its “Wearable Light Therapy Devices” to the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janiero. According to the company, the eyewear is designed to help the human body achieve high… Read More

Narbis Neurofeedback Glasses Seeks to Raise $150,000 Through Kickstarter Campaign

Seeking funds for his new product, Philadelphia resident Devon Greco launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $150,000 for neurofeedback glasses, Narbis. Narbis is a new wearable brain training technology with revolutionary dry sensors that measure brainwaves and send these signals to electrochromic lenses, giving users… Read More

Crowdfunding Now: 5 Sunglass Projects

There are certain things that I refuse to leave the house without: car keys, cellphone, wallet, purse… the number one essential item, even if it’s a cloudy day? My sunglasses. Even when I have numerous pairs of sunglasses just sitting in my car – trust… Read More

Protos Eyewear Creates Kickstarter Widget for WordPress

Protos Eyewear, currently running a self crowdfunding campaign using CrowdHoster, has developed a WordPress widget which allows users to follow crowdfunding progress for their Kickstarter campaign on their web site.  Protos’ current crowdfunding campaign is for their 3D printed custom glasses. Protos created the wordpress… Read More

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