Trillion Fund: Records in Renewable Energy (Infographic)

Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy.  One of the leaders in the space,  Trillion Fund allows people to invest in projects that generate renewable energy from solar and wind projects.  The motivation is kind of cool – you get to support something you believe in while generating a decent return on your investment.

Energy is something we all use every single day.  Sure we live in a world dominated by fossil fuels that have a nasty byproduct of polluting the environment.  Beyond the mess we create by burning for fuel, there is the issue of having to pay for energy from some pretty unsavory characters from around the world.  Think Putin’s Russia or the collapsing economy of Venezuala.  Recent improvements in technology, and a new political push to a promote the profound benefits of using clean energy, are starting to gain traction in the renewable energy space.  Trillion Fund has created a recent infographic to highlight some of these projects or policies that in the long run benefit us all.

Some examples include:

I am sure there are many more – and, fortunately more to come.

Records-in-renewables from TrillionFund

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