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Trillion Fund: Final Outstanding Loan Has Been Repaid

Trillion Fund, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), changed its business model in September 2015, deciding that it could no longer offer investments to retail investors in renewable energy projects. The decision was driven in part of the UK Government’s decision to… Read More

Trillion Fund P2P & Crowdfunding Platform Up for Sale

Trillion Fund, a peer to peer lending and crowdfunding platform that also offers white label services is up for sale. The company announced today that it was putting all assets on the auction block. Trillion Fund initially launched as a renewable energy investment platform but… Read More

Downing Head of Crowdfunding Julia Groves: “FCA Review Is Most Welcome”

Julia Groves, Downing Partner and Head of Crowdfunding, is a respected pioneer and force behind many successful digital businesses and fintech groups. Since founding ba.com for British Airways in 1994, she has instigated disruptive customer-led propositions across online retail, renewable energy and financial services market sectors. She… Read More

Trillion Announces Branded Crowdfunding Service. Launches with Two Corporate Clients

Trillion (formerly Trillion Fund), has announced a hosted investment crowdfunding service called “Your Brand Crowdfunding”  to empower businesses to engage customers directly in raising debt or equity capital. Trillion pivoted away from its original intent of being an investment crowdfunding platform for renewable energy projects…. Read More

Julia Groves Steps Back from Leadership of Trillion Fund. Passes Baton to Buzzbnk Founder Theresa Burton

Julia Groves, Chair of the UKCFA, has stepped aside as CEO of Trillion Fund handing over leadership to current COO and Buzzbnk co-founder Theresa Burton. The change in management was assigned to the challenges in UK government policy which has “made the landscape for future… Read More

‘Learn To Show Off’: Advice To Women, From Julia Groves, Director of Trillion Fund

As the director of Trillion Fund, a renewable energy and social investment crowdfunding platform, Julia Groves has a key piece of advice for women new to working in crowdfunding: Learn to show off. “Grit your teeth and do it, otherwise someone less amazing than you might get the… Read More

Seedrs Leads the Way in Raising Capital for Other Crowdfunding Platforms

Coming off the successful crowdfunding round of Assetz Capital where £ 3 million in a convertible offer was raised for the fast growing peer to peer platform, Seedrs notes they have been the the leading platform to crowdfund for crowdfunders. Jeff Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder… Read More

Trillion Fund Equity Offer is Overfunding on Seedrs

Trillion Fund, a renewable energy and social investment crowdfunding platform, has pushed into “overfunding” mode on Seedrs. The investment site launched an equity crowdfunding round last year seeking a raise of £500,000.  As of today 246 investors have committed to just over £536,000.  The offer… Read More

Clean Energy Investment Rises Above Oil Price Slump

    Global investment in clean energy rose for the first time in three years, increasing 16 percent to $310 billion in 2014, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance in a recent article on Bloomberg. This growth comes after decreased solar-panel prices and sinking subsides… Read More

The Twelve Months of Seedrs: Record Highlights from 2014

Seedrs just posted its “12 Months of Seedrs” on Facebook, highlighting the platform’s monthly successes in 2014.  “From broken records to crowdfunding firsts, funding everything from great startups to established publicly-traed businesses, we’re looking back at a really transformative years for Seedrs, Seedrs-funded businesses and… Read More

Trillion Fund Drops Valuation for Equity Offer, Announces White Label P2P Lending

Trillion Fund recently launched an equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs and to date the campaign has raised £180,000 on a goal of raising £500,000.  The valuation of the company was lowered from a previous pre-money amount of £ 6 million to £4.5 million today thus… Read More

Trillion Fund is Equity Crowdfunding on Seedrs

TrillionFund, an investment crowdfunding platform that targets the renewable energy sector, is raising capital on another well known crowdfunding portal – Seedrs.  Trillion Fund focuses on debt based offers but has also listed equity campaigns as well.  The site has funded multiple successful wind, solar… Read More

Trillion Fund: Records in Renewable Energy (Infographic)

Trillion Fund is a crowdfunding platform for renewable energy.  One of the leaders in the space,  Trillion Fund allows people to invest in projects that generate renewable energy from solar and wind projects.  The motivation is kind of cool – you get to support something… Read More

Vivienne Westwood Becomes Major Shareholder in Trillion Fund, Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platform

Famed fashion designer and environment advocate Vivienne Westwood has invested £1 million into renewable energy crowdfunding platform Trillion Fund.  According to reports she will not only be a significant investor in the site but an “active ambassador” for the company. As reported in the Telegraph,… Read More

Trillion Fund’s Link with Buzzbnk on Track to Create UK’s Largest Social Crowdfunding Platform

“In Britain last week,” Forbes’ David Prossner reported, “14.9% of all electricity generated came from renewable energy sources. Meanwhile, India announced the commissioning of the country’s largest ever solar polar plant. And in the US, New York State unveiled a $250m funding package for renewables.”… Read More

Albion is Now a Shareholder in Trillion Fund

Trillion Fund, the UK based renewable energy crowdfunding platform which claims Dame Vivienne Westwood as a supporter, now has a new shareholder in Albion.  In exchange for aiding the crowdfunding platform to take their service to the next level Albion now has equity in Trillion…. Read More

Wealth is Not a Skill Set. Let’s Keep the Crowd in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding, and in particular crowdinvesting, is the result of deep dissatisfaction, anger even, at where our financial services industry has delivered us today. The financial crisis brought people onto the streets in protest at the behaviour and lack of contrition from our mega financial institutions…. Read More

Crowdfunding in the United Kingdom – UKCFA Chair Julia Groves Talks with Crowdfund Insider

Crowdfunding has taken the world by storm and the United Kingdom has been a leader in many regards.  It is not just the realm of the ubiquitous reward sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo – each on a path for global expansion – but in investment… Read More

UK Crowdfunding Industry Launches Self Regulatory Organization

The United Kingdom’s leading crowdfunding companies have  launched a trade body, the UK Crowdfunding Association (UKCFA), aimed at providing clarity and consumer protection and for the whole industry. Crowdfunding in the UK has experienced massive growth over recent years. Operators provide a much-needed alternative source of… Read More

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