Seattle Musicians Launch Kickstarter Campaign For New Electronic Music Collaboration; Raises $25,000 in Two Days

Seeking to share their music with the rest of the world, Seattle musicians, Ryan Clark and Randy Torres, have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $50,000 for their NYVES and its upcoming album.

Torres and ClarkSharing a brief history about the collaboration between he and Torres, Clark stated, “In early 2013, Randy Torres and I started talking about writing some songs together. I mentioned to him that I had been recently consumed with the idea a project that explored my love for heavy electronic music. Randy has always shared my passion for bands like Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Portishead, etc. I knew he would be the perfect person to collaborate with.

“My songwriting has always been a bit archaic in process. I managed to find a way to plug my guitar into my computer about a decade ago, and m methods haven’t changed much since then. My knowledge of ‘recording for real’ is limited to what I’ve seen over the shoulders of extremely talented producers and engineers over the past 20 years. I can write it, I can (for the most part) play it, but I’m at the mercy of those whose talents lie in the big pictures to make it sound incredible during the process. Randy, for instance, is one of those people.

“I’ve known Randy for a long time. Before (my current band) Demon Hunter, I played in a band called Training for Utopia. Living in Sacramento at the time, we made a habit of traveling to play in Southern California where the crowds were bigger, due to an already thriving scene. At several of these So Cal gigs, we’d play with Randy’s then band, Project 86. We saw each other infrequently, making small talk (if anything) for years. It wasn’t until nearly 10 years later, when fate had thrown us both up north to Seattle, that we really got to know each other.”

NYVES 1Sharing details about the electronic project, Clark noted, “Randy’s programming and production skills have reached levels that shock me. Not only is he creating the kind of material that is thrilling to write to, his knack for building beautiful soundscapes, attention to detail, and production talents ensure that this record will sound absolutely incredible.

“As a designer, having created the aesthetic surrounding Demon Hunter, as well as dozens of other bands, I’ve always been enthralled with the visual identity behind a music project. With NYVES, I want to create a visual language that transcends the average. As a collector myself, with an appreciation for fully-realized artistic expression, I would love the opportunity to bring NYVES to life with a bang — offering multiple physical formats of the record itself, as well as shirts, posters, and other items that further expand the world of NYVES.

In regards to why they chose to use the crowdfunding giant’s platform, Clark revealed, “By funding this record through Kickstarter, we’re able to eliminate the middle-man and offer an amazing product that we’ve personally carried all the way from inception to completion. Our collective experience in the music industry means that we fully understand what it takes to make this record a reality. In essence, we can bring this project straight to you exactly as it should be — without the standard music business limitations, and with some unique and amazing perks.”

NYVES 2Those who back the project will receive various rewards, including:

  • Handwritten lyrics
  • Guitars
  • Remixes
  • Music and merchandise
  • Vinyl

Since its launch on Wednesday (November 6th), the project has already raised half of its initial goal and is currently sitting at $25,434. It is set to close on December 20th.

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