Germany has passed its new investor safety law, one that was viewed with trepidation by the investment crowdfunding industry as it impinged on online platforms ability to raise funds, but the final rules appear to be less onerous than initially anticipated.

Tamo ZwingeTamo Zwinge, CEO and co-founder of Companisto, was quoted in on the new regualtions;

“The original bill would have significantly impeded the implementation of the Digital Agenda, because it would have hindered the access of startups venture capital. The law adopted today strengthens the startup investment landscape and Germany’s digital competitiveness.”

Germany is the 3rd largest nation in Europe when it comes to alternative finance funding € 140 million in 2014 but lags in per capita volume. Equity crowdfunding for 2014 was estimated at just under € 30 million, but if current growth rates hold  – that number could easily double.