Music Group David Wax Museum Returns to Indiegogo With a Mission to Raise Funds For New Album “Guesthouse”

David Wax Museum 4Ready to bring new music to their fans, David Wax Museum has returned to Indiegogo with a crowdfunding campaign for their new album “Guesthouse.”

The group, which was founded by David Wax and Suz Slezak in 2007 has tour both nationally and internationally over the past eight years. The bandmates debuted a campaign in 2013 for their previous album, Knock Knock Get Up, and gained over $35,000.

The duo shared:

“We’ve started performing the songs, and to be honest, we’re having more fun on stage than ever. So it’s with that spirit, of fun and continuity, that we are asking for your small contributions to help pay for the behind-the-scenes work of releasing an independent record. These expenses include the manufacturing of CDs and vinyl records, album artwork, music videos, a new website design, new merchandise and publicity.”

Also revealing why they turned to Indiegogo once again for funds, Wax and Slezak stated:

David Wax Museum 2“The truth of it is that times are changing. Money is raised from the ground up not doled out by record labels, and that is exciting for a band like us.  Yes, it’s true that everyone is asking for grassroots help, but that is actually a good thing.  Today we are able to use our voice and our modest financial contribution to say yes to the things we believe in.  It is another form of democracy, a musical democracy, and you are voting for the music you want to hear.  But if the sheer excitement of being part of a record’s entrance into the world is not quite enough for you, we hope these perks will pique your interest in contributing.


“For those of you who have seen us perform live, you know the live show is the heart and soul of this band. And that means a life on the road has become a reality. But for us it is not a burden. The energy we get from our audiences combined with the amazing support of our growing community keeps us going. Having a child has certainly added an extra layer of complexity to tour logistics, but also a huge amount of joy. We feel extraordinarily lucky to have a work life that our daughter can be part of. Our community extends beyond state lines and country borders, and this is a priceless gift that we are humbled to share with her.


David Wax Museum 1“We are not in this to make a big splash.We are in this for the long haul. And through small steps and contributions from each of you, we can keep it going for another chapter. For us, the music is only one part of this project. Getting to know you, exchanging energy on stage, creating moments of magic, connecting people through shared experiences, weaving this web of community– that is the underlying meaning of this endeavor. That is why we sit in the van for hours upon hours, put our child to sleep on green room floors, and survive on sardines and kimchi at rest stops across America.”

Those who back the project will receive various rewards, including digital down of Guesthouse, signed CDs, t-shirts, posters, and more.

The campaign is set to close mid-August.


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