Inafune & Comcept USA Adds $1 Million PS4 Stretch Goal For “Red Ash” Kickstarter Following Backer Poll

With nearly one more week until Red Ash’s Kickstarter campaign comes to an end, it seems as though Keiji Inafune’s latest creation isn’t getting as much attention as the well-known video game developer had hoped.

The game’s story (so far) reads:

RED ASH  1“Danger looms over hundreds of thousands who make the city of Great Slope their home. The Mobile Citadel “KalKanon” is currently on a crash course with this city. At this rate, a major disaster is all but unavoidable. Gecko Company, one of the organizations central to Great Slope, has prepared a massive electromagnetic cannon christened ‘the Peacemaker’ to combat this catastrophe.


“They announced their plan to destroy the massive Mobile Citadel before it reaches the settlement. Great Slope quickly switches from a city enveloped in panic, to one ready to sit back and enjoy the fireworks of the special, once-in-a-lifetime Burning Cannon Festival. However, not everyone welcomes this announcement; particularly the young owner of the Bones Agency, Call C. Bones. All Delvers have heard the famous folktale… that inside the belly of KalKanon rests the Legendary Legacy…”

RED ASH  5The campaign debuted on the platform last month with a mission to raise $800,000 for the new game, but has unfortunately secured only $461,000, which is highly unusual for Inafune considering his other game, Mighty No. 9 successfully raised over $3.8 million by using the crowdfunding method.

As a way to attract more attention to the video game, Inafune and Comcept USA decided to add a $1 million stretch goal, which would get the game on PS4 (originally the game was only going to available through Steam and Windows):

RED ASH  4“As promised, we took the in-progress results of this poll to our 1st party contacts and were able to make headway in our negotiations with the various parties. As a result, we were able to officially confirm the development of Red Ash for the PlayStation 4. However, we still need your support to make this a reality!


“We have now updated the console port stretch goal to reflect this new development! We want to thank our backers and fans for making their voices heard on this matter. Your feedback and opinions only helped to make our talks with the various platform holders go even smoother, and we truly appreciate it.

Hopping to continue to receive more feedback, the Concept crew shared:

RED ASH  6“We are going to keep the current console port poll open as well, so that we will know which console to prioritize next. This team will always be dedicated to bringing Red Ash to any platforms that we feel are a good fit for the project.


“Please spread the word, and help us smash through our initial goal and hit the first stretch goal so we can make the Red Ash release on PlayStation 4 a reality! Your continued support of the RED ASH Team is greatly appreciated! You can send us comments here on Kickstarter, or feel free to message us on Twitter!”

While some were happy about the news, others weren’t pleased. One commenter wrote:

RED ASH  3“I am much disappointed. Because you Red Ash team brought ‘Console War’ thing to this charming project as a result of this poll. I understand that you can’t pick all of the consoles, but isn’t there better way to announce? It is like you are stirring up console war showing ‘Who is the WINNER and who is the LOSER.’”

Another added:

“As an Xbox gamer I am disappointed. I’ll stay in for now, but I will sadly be pulling out of it is not an option eventually.


The campaign is set to close on August 3rd.

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