Seedrs Posts Snapshots of Crowdfunding’s Twitter Popularity

Showing exactly how popular crowdfunding has become, Seedrs post some snapshots of people reacting to the funding method on social media website, Twitter.

The Seedrs team shared:

Twitter“Crowdfunding is growing quickly, and it may never have been possible without the widespread adoption of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These platforms play an important role in facilitating information sharing and discovery, making it simple for crowdfunding campaigns to obtain awareness among various communities and influencers.


“There are now thousands of mentions of crowdfunding each day on Twitter, specifically, reflecting not only the growing buzz surrounding this form of funding, but also a broader trend towards its normalization as a viable and dependable form of raising capital and portfolio diversification.”


“According to the recent analysis by social media conversation analytics platform Blurrt, which is currently raising a round on Seeds, in just one week, from November 26th to December 2nd, there were over 118,000 Twitter posts mentioning ‘crowdfunding’ from 35,000 Twitter accounts. Of the 35,000 accounts, 64% were business accounts.”



Blurrt-crowdfunding-sentiment 1


The platform then noted:

seedrs“Blurrt also found that the sentiment expressed in tweets discussing crowdfunding was overwhelmingly positive with 82% of sentiment bearing tweets expressing positive opinion and just 18% expressing a negative opinion.


“In order to understand why sentiment was overwhelmingly positive they looked at the emotions being expressed. The principal emotion expressed was thankfulness, which makes up 72% of all emotion baring tweets. The most common words being used to express thankfulness were ‘thanks,’ ‘thanks you,’ ‘thx,’ ‘appreciate,’ ‘appreciated,’ ‘#thankyou#,’ and ‘thank u.’


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