Joel Hodgson on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” Progress: “Good Cheese Takes Time” (Video)

Offering up an update for Mystery Science Theater 3000 Kickstarter backers, Joel Hodgson has revealed some details about the cult classic’s return.

Earlier this week, Hodgson explain the show has found a new office:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 logo“When our Kickstarter ended in December and we knew we were going to make 14 new episodes this year, the first thing I started doing was looking for production offices. It took a little longer than I wanted, but I’m happy to tell you we found a great space at a pretty reasonable price! I’ve got the keys now, and we’re actually planning to move in by the end of this week.


“Once we found our office, the next order of business was finding the right space for our production workshops – or Fablab – where we’ll have a team dedicated to helping me design, test, and build all of the crazy new robots and props we’re planning for the show. And you know, I guess you can tell my priorities: we still haven’t moved into our offices, but the Fablab has been up and running for weeks, and we’ve already started experimenting with a bunch of cool new ideas for stuff you might see on screen.”

Joel then went on to discuss the episode’s production:

“Sometimes, that’ll mean telling you about interesting ideas we’re experimenting with, or explaining why we’re making specific decisions about the show. But other times, it’ll mean telling you when our plans run into hiccups, or when something happens that changes the schedule. Good Cheese Takes Time.



Joel Hodgson“We learned this lesson the hard way back at Best Brains, when we did our first season for the Comedy Channel (which became Ha! and then Comedy Central). We were pretty optimistic at the beginning, so some of our estimates about the schedule weren’t long enough. Then it was a marathon just to get the first season on its feet… It was pretty brutal, and when you watch that first season, I think it shows.


Joel Hodgson“So, yeah: I don’t want to rush things to get you shows sooner if that means they won’t have the chance to be as good. The schedule might change along the way, but if it does, I’ll always try to explain why, and to tell you what’s happening. When that happens, I hope you’ll be patient with us, and be able enjoy being on the inside for the whole ride. This is what production is like.”

Hodgson explained that there has been a schedule delay with the international rights for some of the movies. He stated he pull together a list of 20 possible films after the Kickstarter ended, and Shout Factory is still working to get the rights to those movies at this time. He did add more films to the list and everything is getting negotiated at this time.

Finally, Hodgson unveiled some behind-the-scene video. Check it out.

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