Peer to Peer Lender auxmoney Points to P2P Loans as Safe Harbor During Brexit Uncertainty

In a public statement referencing the Brexit, the CEO and founder of auxmoney, the largest German P2P lender, pointed to the current environment of high-volatility in markets and the contrasting, relative stability of investing in P2P loans.

Reflecting the Brexit,raffael-johnenRaffael Johnen stated;

“Especially in this environment, P2P loans are a convincing investment by yield and stability. The average yield in auxmoney is 5.50% and is independent and is far above the yields traditional interest bearing deposits.”

The peer to peer lender also stated that, over the last 12 months, the returns in auxmoney loans have topped average returns by DAX investors.

ein klares Argument

Johnen said it was a “clear case for investing” via their platform.

In addition to their private investors, institutional investors have recognized the benefits of investing in auxmoney. The involvement of the Dutch insurer AEGON of EUR 150 million was described as underlining the attractiveness of this new asset class. German banks are also investing their money in personal P2P loans at auxmoney.

While the issue of volatility is an important one, a decision to remain by the Brits should quickly calm things down. A decision to leave the EU, and the associated economic fallout, is a signifcant unknown.


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