“Exploding Kittens” Creators Return to Kickstarter For New Card Game “Bears Vs Babies”

Elan Lee (Xbox, ARGs) and Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal), launched Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday to raise $10,000 for their new game, Bears vs. Bears. The duo previously secured $8,782,571 from 219,382 backers for the hit card game, Exploding Kittens. 

bears-vs-babies-1Bears vs Babies is described as a card game where players build handsome, incredible monsters who go to war with horrible, awful babies. It is easy to learn, actually considered kid-friendly (maybe just the core deck only), and each round takes about 20 minutes to play. Game play is simple. Players sit in a circle and draw cards. Each player picks two types of cards (bears and babies). Bears are to built and will include heads, torsos, arms, and legs. Babies are played immediately into the center of the table. They will form a baby army, which must be stopped by all players in the game. Players will go to war by provoking babies. If the monster is stronger than the babies, they will win that battle and eat those babies. If babies are strong than creatures, they will win and your army will be devoured.

Explaining the game’s story, Inman revealed:

bears-vs-babies-2I’ve always wanted to make a card game. A few years ago, I started working on a game based on my comic, The Oatmeal, where you connect heads, torsos, arms, and legs to create a variety of monsters based on characters from my comic, such as the Bear-O-Dactyl. The original version of this game was doodled onto paper cutouts, and had no functioning game mechanic other than ‘build funny-looking things.’ Two years ago I met Elan Lee, and he showed me a prototype of a game called ‘BombSquad,’ which we renamed to Exploding Kittens. After Exploding Kittens launched, my creature-building game got put on hold. After the dust from Exploding Kittens eventually settled, I asked Elan to help with the design of my monster-building game. I didn’t want this to be one of those games where you’re trying to ‘out-comedy’ one another; I wanted it to be more of a deck-building game, such as Dominion or Hearthstone, but without all the complexity. I wanted a monster-building game you could easily play at a party.”

The core pack ($25) will include 80 cards for 2-4 players while the core deck with NSFW pack ($35) will contain 80 cards with a pack of extra-awful cards (not kid friendly). Delivery for the game is set for June 2017. Since its debut, Bears vs Babies Kickstarter has captured over $275,000 from over 7,400 backers. It is set to close on November 17th.


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