Kickstarter Unveils New “Guest Pledging” Feature

On Tuesday, Kickstarter announced the launch of Guest Pledging. This new feature will be offered to those who choose not to create an account with the funding portal and will contribute to projects as a Guest. While sharing details about Guest Pledging, Kickstarter stated:

One of the best things about supporting creators on Kickstarter is getting a behind-the-scenes look at the project as it takes shape, and Guest backers get to follow along like anyone else. In addition, they’ll receive creator messages, project updates, and reward surveys like all backers.”

The crowdfunding platform also revealed if users try to back a project while logged out, they will be directed to a page where they can either log in or continue as a guest. If they pledge as a guest, they will have the opportunity to complete an account registration, which will give them the ability to adjust their pledges, save payment options and connect with other fellow backers in the project’s comment page. Kickstarter also noted how campaign creators may use the feature as well:

When a Guest pledges to a project, Creators can handle communication and fulfillment the same way they have in the past. In the Creator Dashboard and Backer Report, a backer who pledges as a guest will display as “Guest” with a string of numbers. This naming format allows Creators to differentiate between Guest backers, and also helps with any conversations they might have with our Support team about a specific backer.”

Guest Pledging is now available for projects in the Dance, Journalism, Theater, and Craft categories. Kickstarter will gradually expand to more categories in the coming weeks, and soon all new backers will have the option to pledge as a Guest.

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