SelfKey Plans KyberNetwork Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration


SelfKey, a blockchain-based digital identity system, has announced plans to integrate KyberNetwork crypto currency exchange service  to provide ETH-based tokens exchange within the SelfKey Wallet. SelfKey states that both companies are completely committed to the integration that will lead the SelfKey Identity Wallet users to be able to trade a broad range of ERC20 tokens from within the wallet application. Users will be able to purchase and sell KEY and KNC, and more.

CEO of Kyber Network, Loi Luu said the collaboration will broaden Kyber Networks exchange service while providing SelfKey users a seamless and secure exchange of crypto without leaving the SelfKey platform.  The collaboration is in a pilot phase until April and only whitelisted users can access and transact on the exchange. Daily trading has been capped at US$ 3,000 and US$15,000, respectively.

Earlier this week, Kyber Network also launched its decentralized exchange platform in the Ethereum Mainnet. A trustless exchange which do not hold users’ funds that seeks to provide high liquidity through their token reserve.


Edmund LowellEdmund Lowell, creator of SelfKey, said their wallet will serves as a one stop shop for Fintech and financial services.

“We are proud to partner with such ambitious project as Kyber, whose design matches with our purpose to provide more freedom and sovereignty to individuals. Thanks to this partnership, the Identity Wallet will not only allow users to go through KYC, send, store and receive tokens when participating in token sales but also to exchange tokens using Kyber infrastructure and support”.


Earlier this year, SelfKey ran an initial coin offering that sold out in minutes. SelfKey is working with Standard Chartered bank ito improve client on-boarding and make “Know Your Customer” a breeze. Recently SelfKey also announced an initiative to facilitate second passports via SelfKey as they move to add related services.

Kyber Network ran an ICO last year that was massively successful.

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