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“Self-Sovereign ID” Startup SelfKey Hosts Reddit AMA

CEO Edmund Lowell of the Hong Kong-incorporated blockchain ID company SelfKey hosted an AMA on reddit last Thursday, “in line with our commitment to transparency.” KEY tokens are currently trading for a fraction of what they debuted at on exchanges in January. One redditor asked… Read More

SelfKey Reports it has Partnered with Two Caribbean based Banks to Offer SelfKey Bank Accounts Marketplace [u]

  SelfKey, a Blockchain based company that saw its initial coin offering sell out in just 11 minutes this past January, has revealed two new partnerships with a Dutch Antilles-based bank (Curaçao) and a Cayman Islands-based bank. According to the company, the agreement is to offer… Read More

SelfKey Plans KyberNetwork Cryptocurrency Exchange Integration

  SelfKey, a blockchain-based digital identity system, has announced plans to integrate KyberNetwork crypto currency exchange service  to provide ETH-based tokens exchange within the SelfKey Wallet. SelfKey states that both companies are completely committed to the integration that will lead the SelfKey Identity Wallet users to… Read More

SelfKey Pauses Airdrop to Address “Community Concern” Over Private Key Usage

The SelfKey token Airdop has pushed pause as some users have expressed concern over the private key usage in the SelfKey wallet. SelfKey announced they were pausing the Airdrop in order to address this community concern. SelfKey is a Blockchain based digital identity system that allows… Read More

SelfKey Receives Regulatory Sandbox License in Mauritius

SelfKey, a blockchain-based digital identity firm, has obtained a Mauritius’ Regulatory Sandbox License (RSL), according to information provided by the company. This license will allow SelfKey to develop their self-sovereign digital identity wallet and financial services marketplace under supervision and scrutiny of the Board of… Read More

Having Topped $15 Million in “Pre-Public Sale”, SelfKey to Launch Public ICO on January 14th

Blockchain based identity firm SelfKey has shared that its Pre-Public Sale hit its cap of $15.84 million four days before the scheduled closing date. The public initial coin offering (ICO), is scheduled to kick off on January 14th at 12AM UTC. If you are are… Read More

SelfKey Digital Identity Firm Tops $5 Million in Private Pre-sales, Public Pre-Sale ICO Kicks Off on December 15th

SelfKey, a “self sovereign identity” firm, has just completed a pre-sale of KEY tokens raising $5 million. Now SelfKey is preparing to launch its public Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on December 15th. The token sale has a hard cap of US$21.78 million. The private pre-sale started… Read More

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