Allied Crowds Publishes Directory of Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Emerging Markets

Allied Crowds, a tech firm dedicated to lessening information asymmetries, has published a director of cryptocurrency exchanges in emerging markets.

Allied Crowd states:

“[This report] establishes which cryptocurrency exchanges will trade which currency pairings. In other words, it answers the question where a member of the Nigerian diaspora (for example) can exchange his or her Bitcoin or Litecoin into naira, and vice versa. This enables him or her to do many things. For example, he or she will be able to channel money home in a more efficient way; alternatively, he can use a cryptocurrency to pay the salaries of employees or contractors.”

This is an interesting document that lists all of the cryptocurrency marketplaces in emerging markets and provides a brief description of each exchange. As Allied Crowd notes above, blockchain based digital assets have become an important vehicle not just to trade and speculate but also to funnel value to others in lower friction (and perhaps less costly) manner. Much of the world is underbanked, or simply not banked at all, as traditional banks can be ill suited to provide financial services to some regions as it simply does not make economic sense. This is not the case when dealing in digital currencies.

The report is embedded below.

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