Kurt Nielsen: President at Partisia Blockchain Explains Why they’re Developing Web 3.0 Privacy Infrastructure

Partisia Blockchain, the Web 3.0 public (or permissionless) blockchain developed for trust, transparency, and privacy, recently confirmed the appointment of experienced cryptographer Christian Cachin to their team.

Dr. Christian Cachin, a former computer scientist working at IBM, has joined the team as a Consensus and Blockchain Advisor. Having graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Dr. Christian has held visiting positions at MIT and at EPFL.

“Deeply rooted” in the latest scientific research, he presently serves as a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bern, where he focuses on cryptographic protocols, distributed computing, and computer security.

Before joining the University of Bern, Dr. Christian had been working for IBM Research – Zurich for 20+ years, where he helped with creating the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain platform, among various other initiatives. He’s also an ACM Fellow, an IEEE Fellow, and the recipient of several IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards.

In addition, cybersecurity professional Nagib Aouini will be joining Partisia Blockchain along with Cachin, where he will serve as a Market and Technology Advisor. A pioneer in the space, Nagib has over 20 years’ industry experience in digital identity and smartcards, and has “proven experience in the implementation of complex technical projects with high added value.” He ‘s a former CISO at SEBA Bank, which is one of the first licensed crypto banks. Last year, Nagib founded DuoKey, a cybersecurity firm specializing in encryption and key management.

We recently connected with Kurt Nielsen, President of Partisia Blockchain.

Our conversation with Nielsen is shared below.

Crowdfund Insider: We saw Partisia Blockchain recently announce that you have made some strategic appointments to your advisory board and executive team. Can you tell us more about this recent announcement?

Kurt Nielsen: We were delighted to recently announce three new strategic appointments to the Partisia Blockchain team. We welcomed Christian Cachin as Consensus and Blockchain Advisor, Nagib Aouini as Market and Technology Advisor and Nick O’Neill as Chief Product Officer of Applications.

Our vision to create a more safe and secure Internet infrastructure would not be possible without our team of experts from the blockchain and privacy sphere. We look forward to furthering our goal of ensuring trust, transparency, and privacy are a top priority in Web 3.0.

Crowdfund Insider: What will these new executives you have appointed bring to the team?

Kurt Nielsen: All three executives have a variety of experience that spans across different industries. Christian Cachin is an internationally renowned cryptographer with expertise in distributed computing, cryptographic protocols, and security. Specializing in computer science, Christian is a professor at the University of Bern, Switzerland. As chief cryptographer at IBM Research in Zurich, Christian was the recipient of multiple IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, and has held various visiting positions at MIT and at EPFL. We are excited for him to bring his extensive academic and professional knowledge to Partisia Blockchain.

Joining our team as Market and Technology Advisor is Nagib Aouini, former CISO at SEBA Bank, one of the first licensed and most renowned crypto banks. Founder of DuoKey, a cybersecurity startup focused on encryption and key management, Nagib has more than twenty years’ experience in the field of digital identity and smartcards, coupled with proven experience in the implementation of complex technical projects with high added value. Nagib will work with our group of experts to ensure that the privacy and security solutions we provide match real needs and to make the future of Web3 as bright as possible.

Nick O’Neill is an expert in all things NFT’s and hosts his very own podcast ‘The NFT Nick Show’. He is also a writer at TheNifty.com. Nick’s wealth of experience in the NFT field will be invaluable to the Partisia Blockchain team as they continue to implement cryptography as a new technological bedrock to improve online auctions and the trading of NFT assets.

Crowdfund Insider: What is Partisia Blockchain’s mission and what are you hoping to solve?

Kurt Nielsen: Partisia Blockchain is built for trust, transparency, and privacy. Our mission is to develop a Web 3.0 privacy infrastructure for the greater good. With an innovative solution to decentralization’s confidentiality and privacy challenges, Partisia Blockchain represents the first successful complete integration of blockchain technology with another commercial grade type of distributed cryptography known as Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC).

Combining Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with privacy-enhancing software allows enterprises to experience the advantages of decentralized technologies while still guaranteeing their data remains private and secure.

Partisia Blockchain’s technology is being developed with the goal of solving some of the world’s largest problems in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. As the first successful complete integration of blockchain technology with a form of distributed cryptography known as Secure Multi-Party Computation, Partisia Blockchain ensures privacy and gives users control of their own data.

Crowdfund Insider: Why does the world need Partisia Blockchain’s solution right now?

Kurt Nielsen: There are many reasons why the world needs our solution. Partisia Blockchain facilitates privacy-preserving collaboration across legal barriers. It ensures that user data remains confidential and by utilizing MPC technology in combination with blockchain, greatly reducing the potential for data breaches and fraudulent activity that commonly impact online users.

Our technology ensures that users own their data, giving them back control of their information, which provides a new level playing field for our data-driven economy.

Most recently, in collaboration with Better Internet Search, a new search engine promising increased privacy, fewer ads, and less bias, we announced the successful integration of digital currency Scotcoin into the alternative search engine’s internal currency system. As a result, internet searchers will be rewarded in digital currency for the first time.

Along with Better Internet Search, we secured a grant from the EU-funded Next Generation Internet Trust (NGI Trust) to help its development. As well as this, industry leaders put their weight behind Partisia Blockchain, in the form of a $25m in a funding round led by Ausvic Capital, P2P.org, Kosmos, and Bitscale.

Instars, a decentralized social media platform that guarantees individual control over data and allows members to earn rewards for their time and data, also launched on Partisia Blockchain earlier this year.

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