HLTH.network Migrates to Avalanche

HLTH.network is now using the Avalanche (AVAX) platform to launch the base layer protocol for global health data and the accompanying line of products. At the beginning of the company’s second phase, HLTH.network’s growth led them to switch. 

The primary reason for the decision was Avalanche’s use of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). HLTH.network said the use of EVM allows new projects to easily move from Ethereum to Avalanche with limited friction and downtime. By the estimate of Ava Labs, they are capable of processing around 4,500 transactions per second. This is compared to 7 transactions per second for Bitcoin and 14 for Ethereum.

Avalanche also provides the tools to build a diverse array of decentralized applications necessary for the HLTH ecosystem to function as intended. This, along with purpose-built, custom blockchains, creates a perfect match between HLTH and Avalanche, the company said.

The healthcare data industry has a number of issues HLTH.network said it wishes to address. Patient data is often mishandled or monetized without authorization from the patient. It is difficult to transmit and exchange information across various entities due to the independent nature of healthcare providers and different country’s jurisdictions. Interoperability is difficult because data is stored and used within many different types of systems. Information gets trapped or becomes unusable. It is often difficult to verify data once it has managed to cross over into these differing systems.

HLTH.network was launched by researchers including Harvard Professor George Church and claims to be the world’s first blockchain-powered genomics marketplace. The HLTH team has been building and researching for over three years and is now ready to bring the project to a global level. They are now offering multiple health data-sharing solutions, including e-commerce, AI, precision medicine, and genomic NFTs.

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