Scroll, an EVM Compatible zk-Rollup Project to Scale Ethereum, Raises $30M

Scroll, an EVM-compatible zk-Rollup project to scale Ethereum and “create a platform that is friendly for users onboarding crypto,” recently secured $30 million from researchers and developers, members of the Ethereum community, and investment firms “including Polychain Capital, Bain Crypto, Geometry DAO, and Mapleleaf Capital.”

As explained in an update shared with CI, Scroll is a zkEVM-based zero-knowledge rollup to scale Ethereum.

Scroll is “scaling Ethereum using cutting edge cryptography.”

What does scaling Ethereum mean?

  • To build an EVM-equivalent zero-knowledge rollup
  • Create a platform that is friendly for the next billion users onboarding crypto, with low gas fees and seamless execution
  • Supporting applications that were not previously possible without rollups and scaling solutions

The project’s vision and values:

  • To be developer-first and community-focused
  • To be community-owned and decentralized
  • To encourage open-source development
  • To work closely with open-source developers such as the Ethereum Foundation and to grow the Ethereum and crypto community

Where They Go From Here:

To support initial development of Scroll, the team has “raised 30M from a group of values-aligned collaborators pushing forward the zero-knowledge proof space.”

They would like “to thank these supporters including collaborators from the EF Applied ZKP team (, …), researchers and developers focused on ZKPs (Luke Pearson from Polychain, ..), and members of the Ethereum community (Alex Evans, Wei Dai and Guillermo Angeris at Bain Crypto).”

The team claims that it is “working hard towards a testnet release which will include both zkEVM and the proving network.”

They hope “to have more technical details to share on this front in the next few months.”

You can follow their progress “towards this milestone live as we build in the open at and”

They’d also like to thank their collaborators “at the Ethereum Foundation’s Applied ZKP team and throughout the community who [they] are lucky to work with.”

If their vision of scaling Ethereum in an open and community-driven way resonates with you, they “are looking for values-aligned individuals to help Scroll become the most developer- and user-friendly scaling solution for Ethereum.”

If you are a ZK researcher, ZKP or Solidity developer, or a GPU engineer, they “are working on many interesting technical challenges at the edge of what’s possible.”

The project team encourages people to “come build cutting-edge solutions to these problems with [them] in the open.”

If you love “nurturing and growing ecosystems or communities,” then they are looking for developer advocates and community organizers “to make sure [they] are building in a community-aligned and user-friendly way.”

As noted in the update, Scroll consists of “a global team of researchers, engineers, and builders led by Ye Zhang, Sandy Peng, and Haichen She.”

You may review their code and build with them at: and

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