Mandala Commissions Immutable X to Power Carbon Neutral Metaverse

Mandala, which claims to be a “unique” Metaverse experience that promotes the intersection of technology, spirituality, sustainability and entertainment, is teaming up with Immutable X’s Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum “to build a multi-platform interoperable metaverse, leveraging NFTs to combine gripping storytelling with immersive gameplay on Immutable X’s 100% gas-free and carbon neutral platform.”

The Mandala multiverse “invites players into the story, weaving many of the world’s mythologies into an immersive, cross-media universal story that broadens the participant’s worldview.”

Through Immutable X’s Layer 2 scaling technology for Ethereum, Mandala will “build an AR-based geo-location AAA Unreal Engine MMORPG to bring the Mandala universe storytelling to a new level.” Mandala will also be able “to leverage all of the marketplaces on Immutable X’s shared orderbook for secondary liquidity and maximizing secondary trading as it builds the Mandala Metaverse to scale.”

Jon Shanker, CEO of Mandala, said:

“For Mandala to reach its critical mass and build the world’s first ‘Enlightenment Simulator,’ partnering with Immutable X as the leading platform for the next generation of Web3 games was a no-brainer. The strong ecosystem it is creating, and building an authentic decentralized community, is in alignment with what Mandala has been searching for; a real foundation for our partners to create a cross platform game and interoperable metaverse to counter the centralizing forces. Utility NFTs, like game assets, have traditionally struggled to achieve strong liquidity at a huge scale without compromising decentralization or security. Immutable solves those problems for Mandala, allowing millions of users to own their assets while becoming the heroes of their own lives.”

Immutable X is built with StarkWare’s zk-rollup technology.

As a result, Mandala’s integration with Immutable “will further drive the mainstream adoption of decentralization via blockchain technology in the gaming and entertainment industries.”

Mandala’s Round Table of partners are “equipped to deliver this experience with their deep story-telling and gaming experience stemming from a diverse Hollywood and web3 partners, including Dark Horse Comics,Unreal Engine, Mindmaze, SingularityNET and more.”

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable, said:

“Immutable is proud to be at the forefront of exciting and innovative projects in web3. Teaming up with Mandala is a perfect fit, as we continue to drive metaverse NFT communities, driven by gaming and entertainment in the near term. Mandala is building a unique universe that’s poised to capture the attention of both web3 natives and those just testing the waters in the space, and we’re excited to equip them with the tools necessary to power their expansive vision.”

Immutable has “integrated with many NFT marketplaces, projects and web3 games in recent months including GameStop, Rarible and NFTrade’s marketplaces.”

Mandala’s team is “built upon a cross-media franchise that is designed to actually effect a real paradigm shift with Executive Producer of ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ Kevin J Foxe, onboard to support the team’s efforts in developing and producing disruptive intellectual property.”

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