Beam NFT Marketplace Version 2.0 Announced

In October 2021, Beam introduced “confidential” non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to the BeamX private DeFi ecosystem, kicking it off with the Beam Halloween NFT Competition. An NFT marketplace followed suit “in the form of the NFT Gallery DApp in Beam Wallet.”

The launch was “strongly” supported by the Beamer community. Within days, artists began “designing artworks and minting NFT collections.” Collectors emerged from the community “bidding to purchase the latest pieces.”, a community-created NFT project, developed by Vsnation soon came out, “complete with its collection curations, step-by-step tutorials, competitions, and a dedicated DApp in Beam Wallet.”

With the new NFT Marketplace V2 right around the corner, “it’s time to wrap-up and bid farewell to Marketplace V1,” the Beam developers noted in a blog post.

As mentioned in the update, “gone are the Thursday rituals of artists mailing NFT collections to “” before the weekly mint deadline.” Marketplace V2 “allows users to conveniently self-register as artists, self-mint NFTs, and create collections directly from the DApp in the Beam Wallet.”

Artworks can be “categorized into collections with a unique banner, utility description and social links (Twitter, Discord, Instagram etc.).”

In Marketplace V2, the UI “receives several visual improvements” making for a more streamlined user experience:

  • The Collections button lets users view all the NFT collections on the marketplace and all NFTs within a selected collection.
  • The Balance button displays a user’s current wallet balance and NFT marketplace statistics (NFTs sold, the total amount received from selling your NFTs)
  • The Profile button takes the user to their unique profile complete with an avatar, description and banner, and Beam Anonymous Name Service integration coming soon!
  • Moderation will initially be handled manually by the Beam team, this will require 24± for NFTs to be approved and visible on the marketplace.

As noted in the announcement from Beam:

“We are just getting started with the Marketplace.”

Development is “ongoing on the Marketplace V3, with the team working on several features” such as:

  • P2P sales
  • Filtering NFT search by art style, artist, price
  • Royalties
  • Artist tools for airdropping confidential assets
  • Introduce a clearer community based form of minimal moderation

Once the V2 is live and the community has had a chance to play around with all the new features, the team will “post in the Beam Forum to solicit feedback and suggestions for further V3 improvements.”

In other news, the BeamX DAO DApp has been “activated in the Beam Wallet.”

Beamers can “participate in BeamX governance by staking $BEAMX and casting votes for proposals.”

Be on the lookout for the 1st-ever on-chain BeamX DAO proposal. The last two proposals “BIP1” and “BIP2” were “conducted using Beam Forums.”

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