DailyPay Introduces “Shifts Worked” Function In Time For Holiday Seasonal Hiring

Just in time for seasonal holiday hiring, DailyPay, the provider of on-demand pay, announced the launch of a new function within its platform.

With hourly shift workers in mind, the new ‘Shifts Worked’ tab “helps users understand how much they’ve earned for each individual shift, and how much of their earnings are available before payday.”

The ‘Shifts Worked’ tab is “an extension of DailyPay‘s ‘Pay Balance’ function and provides additional clarity and transparency to ensure all worked hours are accurately reported.”

DailyPay research shows that “nearly six in ten users who are paid on an hourly basis (57%) check their earned wages in their DailyPay Pay Balance five or more times per week, demonstrating the importance of financial transparency.”

This new shift-first view of earned wages “adds an additional capability for hourly workers, particularly those picking up new gigs or additional shifts during the busy holiday season.”

A survey conducted by DailyPay “found that 56% of users say DailyPay motivates them to pick up more shifts or work longer hours.”

Darlene Miranda, Vice President, UX Design and Research at DailyPay, said:

“The value of the DailyPay app goes beyond just access to earned wages ahead of payday; for many of our users, it’s a critical tool for tracking their earnings. With visibility into shifts, we’re providing a clear breakdown of each shift worked, updated daily, which helps our users proactively answer questions like, ‘How much have I made today? How much have I made this pay period?'”

DailyPay’s Pay Balance technology streamlined/enhanced the outdated pay model, “providing employees with direct access and transparency to their earned pay from the start and control over their finances.”

The Pay Balance “gives employees access to their earned money when they want it, while supporting businesses by designing uniquely tailored systems that are innovating how companies pay their employees and interact with pay.”

With the new ‘Shifts Worked’ tab, employees are “armed with additional knowledge of their spending power, which can lead to better financial choices.” This choice and control is particularly important “during times of high inflation.”

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