Web3: Framework Ventures, Chapter One Co-Lead $3M Seed Round for Daylight

Daylight, an Application Programming Interface (API) that aggregates Web3 perks all in one place, has raised $3M in a seed round “co-led by Framework Ventures, a venture capital firm known for its early entry into decentralized finance (DeFi), and Chapter One, an early stage venture fund focused on accessibility and usability of crypto.”

The investment round also “saw participation from OpenSea, 6th Man Ventures, Eniac Ventures, Seed Club Ventures, Tomahawk, and Spice Capital, Uncommon Projects, and Very Serious Ventures, as well as individuals such as Nick Beattie (Rainbow), Itamar Lesuisse (Argent), Reka (Guild), RAZ (Guild), Trevor McCedries (Brud), Alex Adelman (Lolli), Alex Zhang (FWB), Serafin Lion Engel (Omni Wallet), Will Papper (Syndicate), and Brenner Spear (Metagame), and Jon Wu (Aztec Network).”

Daylight was “founded in April 2022 and recently demonstrated its API by launching a consumer web app in October, attracting around 14,000 closed beta users and a waitlist of 15,000 users.”

The Daylight API aggregates “all of Web3 perks – what Daylight calls “abilities” – that users qualify for based on their wallet address.” These “abilities” include “minting derivative NFTs, claiming airdrops, and gaining access to token-gated experiences.”

Kyle McCollom, CEO of Daylight, said:

“Your wallet address has special abilities that you don’t know about, based on the tokens you hold, the allowlists you are on, and the smart contracts you’ve interacted with. These abilities are a huge part of how we interact with each other and how communities engage their members, but there is currently no way for people to see or manage all of them in one place. That is why we built Daylight – to give everyone the tools they need to easily uncover everything they can do by using any app powered by the Daylight API.”

Daylight aggregates Web3 abilities “through a variety of methods including indexing on-chain data, integrating data from community tools such as POAP, Snapshot, and Guild, and by receiving submissions from Daylight Scouts, a community that hunts for abilities across the Web3 ecosystem.”

Michael Anderson, Co-Founder of Framework Ventures, remarked:

“The massive growth of the DeFi and GameFi sectors over the last year has given rise to a number of new online communities that are looking for creative ways to engage their users and grow their ecosystem. As the dApp space continues to expand, Daylight will be the number one guide that helps users make the most of their Web3 experience without them having to constantly monitor Discord and Twitter to understand all that they are capable of. We look forward to working with the Daylight team as they continue to onboard new users and integrate with the leading dApps and wallets across the Web3 ecosystem.”

Mene Mazarakis, Investment Partner at Chapter One, commented:

“The beauty of tokens is that in addition to holding financial value they also act as keys to a suite of actions that users can take. Daylight is building the essential infrastructure that indexes all available actions users can take – like unlocking like mints and airdrops – and showing these abilities within dApps and wallets. We’re excited to back Kyle, Morley, and the Daylight team as they deepen user’s relationships with token-powered communities across Web3.”

Daylight will “utilize the funding from the round to further customize its API product to suit the needs of its wallet app customers and grow the Scout community.”

On November 14, Daylight’s own consumer web app “moved out of closed beta and is now available to anyone with an Ethereum address.” In the coming months, major wallet apps “will integrate the Daylight API to acquire and retain users.”

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