Cerved, Greenomy to Enable Italian Firms to Align with EU Sustainable Finance Regulations

Cerved, the Italian platform focused on credit risk analysis and management, has signed a strategic partnership with Greenomy, the ESG Market Infrastructure, “to deliver a new service on the Italian market designed to help businesses comply with new EU Sustainable Finance regulations (EU Taxonomy, CSRD, and SFDR).”

This agreement “broadens Cerved’s range of environmental, social and governance (ESG) services, which are developed in synergy with the Cerved Rating Agency, the Italian rating agency that specializes in both credit ratings of non-financial companies and sustainability ratings of companies and financial institutions.”

Thanks to this strategic agreement with Greenomy, Cerved’s corporate and financial institution clients will be provided “an end-to-end solution to perform a more complete risk assessment and help mitigate their climate risk.”

The Greenomy ecosystem “enables corporates to screen their economic activities and measure their alignment with the EU Taxonomy by Turnover, CapEx, and OpEx.”

Financial Institutions will be “able to screen their portfolios to ensure compliance with the EU Taxonomy and compute their Green Asset Ration (GAR) and Banking-Book-Taxonomy-Alignment Ratio (BTAR) and seamlessly generate their required ESG reporting.”

This ultimately will “enable them to direct funds and the financing of sustainable projects and accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy in line with the EU Green Deal.”

Through Greenomy, financial and non-financial undertakings will be “able to perform several other ESG disclosures, mandatory or voluntary, within the wide perimeter of Sustainable Finance and thus accelerating their green transition.”

Andrea Mignanelli, CEO of Cerved Group, said:

“Supporting institutions, communities and businesses – in short, the national economy – to protect itself from risk and to grow sustainably is the mission of our group. Even small and mid-sized companies will need to be able to measure their ESG results if they want to attract capital and access credit, both in Italy and abroad, because investors and banks are gravitating more and more towards companies that can provide credible sustainability measurements. In this respect, Cerved is on the front line, providing the most advanced solutions, technology and skills.”

Fabrizio Negri, CEO of Cerved Rating Agency, remarked:

“The EU Taxonomy plays a central role in sustainability regulations. In fact, having a regulatory framework to classify economic activities that is consistent with sustainable development is a crucial element for appropriate investment of funds raised for ESG purposes. We are confident that additions will be made to the current regulations to make it more consistent with all productive entities and with all aspects of sustainability. Every solution that can boost the confidence of investors and issuers, by reducing greenwashing tactics, is a huge step towards the creation of sustainable finance that serves a sustainable economy.”

Alexander Stevens, CEO of Greenomy, also emphasises the importance of this new partnership:

“The transition to a more sustainable economy is the challenge of the decade, we are delighted to work with an organisation that shares this vision. Together with Cerved, we look forward to enabling Italian corporates and financial institutions connect to our ESG Market Infrastructure, allowing them to measure their sustainability, mitigate climate risk and allocate capital to greener activities.”

Alfredo Romano, Head of Italy at Greenomy, stated:

“Thanks to this partnership Cerved and Greenomy together will be able to support at the best the transition to a lower carbon economy of the Italian financial and non-financial undertakings, from large corporates and banks to SMEs, providing edge technology and distinctive expertise in Sustainable Finance and contributing to the creation of long-term sustainable value of the Italian ecosystem.”

As noted in the update, Greenomy is “a SaaS that helps corporates, credit institutions and asset managers to comply with the new EU Sustainable Finance Regulations (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFRD/CSRD) by digitalizing the data capturing and reporting process.”

Their solution “establishes an all-encompassing sustainability data and analytics ecosystem that connects all critical stakeholders and facilitates the redirection of funds towards sustainable initiatives in line with the EU Green Deal.”

Greenomy is “gradually integrating other non-EU Green Taxonomies to offer stakeholders a one-stop solution for their global operations and an international user-owned ESG market infrastructure.”

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