Experian Money-Saving Resources to Help Consumers Develop Better Savings Strategies

To help keep more money in consumers’ wallets and bring financial power to all, Experian is partnering with nationally-recognized consumer finance and budgeting professional Andrea Woroch in order “to share financial tips and create awareness about a variety of Experian resources that can help consumers find savings now.”

According to Experian data, consumers are “actively taking steps to cut costs with 56 percent of survey respondents revealing they’ve nixed unnecessary expenses within the last three months.”

Additionally, nearly 2 out of 3 (64%) of those surveyed “say even an extra $50 dollars per month would help relieve their financial stress and some have found different ways to keep more money in their pockets every month, including using cash back or rewards programs (41%) and negotiating rates and plans on their bills (19%).”

As consumers continue to seek new ways to keep money in their pockets, Experian is “a resource offering various services that could make saving a reality.”

Consumers may not “realize they are leaving money on the table paying various expenses. Experian offers resources that can potentially help consumers save on the cost of their auto insurance, monthly bills like their cable and cell phone bills, and find the best credit card for their financial needs.”

With a CreditWorks membership, consumers can access these benefits:

  • Compare auto insurance policies: Consumers can comparison shop to potentially find a better rate on their current policy and save, on average, more than $900 per year[ii] on auto insurance. The free Experian service delivers multiple, tailored rates from up to 40 leading and well-established auto insurance carriers, allowing consumers to quickly find and purchase an auto insurance coverage plan that meets their needs.
  • Find the right credit card: Looking for credit cards with zero APR or travel rewards? Experian’s free marketplace makes it easy for consumers to compare different credit card options. Experian matches consumers’ financial information against lender’s requirements to match them with the tailored offers.
  • Lower recurring expenses: For paid CreditWorks Premium members, consumers can stop overpaying and start saving by getting help with negotiating lower rates on eligible monthly bills for an average savings of $263[iii]. Experian negotiates the cost of eligible bills directly with many providers like Spectrum, AT&T, DirecTV, and SiriusXM, with 81 percent[iv] of bills negotiated resulting in savings.

With over a decade of experience sharing consumer finance advice and tips, Woroch “will be a guest on Experian’s Twitter #CreditChat on April 19 to address ways consumers can stretch their dollars in the current economic environment and answer consumer questions.”

Andrea Woroch, consumer finance and budgeting professional, said:

“No matter the circumstances, it is important to practice a few basic money management techniques, such as following a well-laid out budget and looking for different ways to cut back on living expenses. I am excited to partner with Experian to show consumers new ways they can save more money quickly and set themselves up for a stronger and more secure financial future.”

For consumers looking for more ways to keep money in their wallets, Woroch recommends reducing monthly spend “on debt by consolidating credit card debt to a 0% balance transfer card, avoiding impulse shopping by deleting payment and shipping details stored in online retail accounts, unsubscribing from store emails, and consider meal planning to be more strategic and avoid any food inadvertently going to waste.”

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