Web 3.0, NFTs: Self-Custody Crypto Wallet MetaMask Announces Web3 Educational Programming with Superchief Gallery NFT

MetaMask, the self-custody Web3 wallet developed by ConsenSys is pleased to announce Web3 educational programming at The Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center in partnership with Superchief Gallery NFT, the IRL NFT gallery.

As part of the partnership, approximately 300 students from marginalized & underrepresented communities in New York will “receive an in-person Web3 education curriculum aimed at creating an accessible future.”

By partnering with community organizers, Superchief Gallery will “provide a safe and inclusive environment for Web3 learning.”

Meanwhile, the 400,000+ daily visitors at the Westfield World Trade Center “will have access to Superchief Gallery NFT, powered by The Canvas, augmented by educational content made in collaboration with MetaMask. All of this content will be available for free online at Superchief’s website.”

This initiative “will host its first class on Saturday, April 29th and will provide a unique learning opportunity for those interested in safely exploring the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the innovative technology that powers them.”

These are “the first steps towards a goal of uniting the Web3 community under the banner of education built specifically to serve marginalized and underrepresented groups.”

The first program “will include a Guest Lecture on the culture, opportunity and ethos of Web3 by Elise Swopes.” Elise Swopes is “a celebrated artist and founder of Sunrise Art Club, a community and agency dedicated to women of color in Web3.”

Edward Zipco, Co-founder & Director of Superchief Gallery NFT), said:

“Early access to technology has become a key component of economic success, and we at Superchief believe that this is an opportunity to prioritize underserved communities and create balance in the space.” 

James Beck, Director of Communications and Content at ConsenSys added:

“We’re thrilled to partner with Superchief Gallery NFT to provide web3 education to underrepresented communities in New York City with MetaMask Learn. At MetaMask, we believe web3 gives individuals and communities power like never before to create and disseminate digital value. This initiative is a crucial step towards that goal. We’re excited to see the impact this program will have on the participants and the larger Web3 community.”

With billions of dollars already traded via NFTs to date, and over a trillion in crypto overall, this is the most impactful way they can “support the community and witness the creation of a new global financial & cultural ecosystem.”

MetaMask will be “sharing educational resources alongside Superchief Gallery NFT, to provide guests with a comprehensive understanding of how to safely get started in Web3, as well as the role that NFTs play in the world of digital art and collectibles.”

The 2023 program will “cover everything from the basics of safety and security to examples of how those in the creative arts and others are finding opportunities in Web3.”

The full course “will be streamed to a global audience on Youtube and other streaming social media apps.”

For more details, check here.

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