“High-Yield” Fractional Bonds Are Launching via Mintos

Mintos is pleased to announce the launch of high-yield Fractional Bonds via their platform.

This offering from Mintos opens up the world of corporate bonds to their investors, “making it accessible and easy for anyone to diversify their portfolio with bonds.”

Historically, bonds, especially high-yield bonds, “have been out of reach for retail investors without substantial capital.” On Mintos, investors are now able to “invest in high-yield bonds with as little as €50, with no fees for investing, transforming the way people approach investing in fixed-income securities.”

Initially, they’ll offer investments “in high-yield corporate bonds issued by the lending companies already on Mintos – starting with Eleving and later welcoming others like Sun Finance, Esto, and DelfinGroup.”

They’re currently working “to broaden their offering across various types of bonds and industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and others.”

Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-Founder of Mintos, said:

“Mintos is committed to empowering individuals to take control of their financial futures by providing access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. The launch of high-yield Fractional Bonds is a significant step towards achieving this goal, ensuring that all investors, regardless of their financial means, can benefit from the lower volatility and stable returns that bonds offer.”

As part of this launch, clients may notice a few changes in your Mintos account:

  • They’ve added a new page for your Fractional Bonds portfolio
  • Your previous Portfolio page has moved and is now available as part of your Loans portfolio

In other recent updates shared by Mintos, the month of September has shown “promising” growth on Mintos.

Total investments via Mintos saw “a significant increase to €94.9 million, and interest earned by investors climbed to €4.1 million.” This upward trend was primarily “driven by the same trend we observed in August,” explained Peteris Mikelsons, Head of Partnerships.

The average interest rate for June “stood at 12.5%, translating to an annualized average net return of 10.4% (YTD 7.7%).” The cumulative interest earned by investors on Mintos “has now reached €250.6 million, and the total assets under administration are now €599.8 million.”

Mikelsons added:

“Investments totaled €94.9 million in September – the same as in August given the number of days in each month,” further emphasizing the consistent investment levels.

The availability of Notes for investment in EUR has risen to €86 million, marking an increase from the previous month’s €80 million,” Peteris Mikelsons reported, highlighting the positive growth in available investment opportunities.

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