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Mintos Launches New Fractional Bonds Offer from iCotton

Mintos is pleased to announce that we just launched new Fractional Bonds on their platform. This is reportedly their first Fractional Bonds offer from iCotton, which is “a manufacturing company with products exported all over Europe, operating since 2011.” In the first 9 months of… Read More

“High-Yield” Fractional Bonds Are Launching via Mintos

Mintos is pleased to announce the launch of high-yield Fractional Bonds via their platform. This offering from Mintos opens up the world of corporate bonds to their investors, “making it accessible and easy for anyone to diversify their portfolio with bonds.” Historically, bonds, especially high-yield… Read More

Online Investment Platform for Corporate Bonds – WiseAlpha, Announces Collaboration with Titan Wealth

WiseAlpha, a unique online investment platform providing individual investors with access to corporate bonds, has announced a partnership with Titan Wealth. WiseAlpha, based in the UK, enables fractional investments in corporate bonds. The platform holds a mission of democratizing the corporate bond market with its… Read More

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