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€2.56M in Average Daily Investment Reported by Mintos in February

In the latest Insight report, Mintos takes a look at how alternative lending has been gaining momentum. They focus on Southeast Europe (SEE), which in recent years has “seen the emergence of non-bank financial institutions offering accessible and convenient financial services.” Mintos delve into the… Read More

Mintos Reports Increased Investments in January, Monthly Investments Surpass €71M

In this month’s Mintos Insight, the team at Mintos takes a look at how major asset classes performed in 2022 and how this has “impacted growth in January 2023.” For multiple asset classes, it was a year of “record lows.” Sanctions against Russia (due to… Read More

Latvia’s Eleving Group Repays All Outstanding Belarus Investments

Eleving Group has shared its operational and financial updates. Eleving Group continues “to reduce its portfolio exposure in Belarus.” The portfolio “has substantially decreased during last year and continues to further amortize.” The impact of the portfolio reduction “has been minimal on the Group’s financials…. Read More

European Investment Platform Mintos Comments on Key Updates from Past Year

  2022 was a year of challenges, but also “huge wins” for Mintos and their investors, the company claims. During 2022, Mintos launched a new financial instrument, Notes, “benefiting our investors with investor protection mechanisms.” They also celebrated “reaching a milestone of 500 000 registered… Read More

Payroll and Direct Debit Loan Provider GoCredit Reports Increasing Profitability

GoCredit received an investment grade (BBB) with Stable Perspective from one of the “leading” rating agencies in Mexico and Latin America: PCR Verum. According to GoCredit, the report highlights: Positive evolution in financial performance Increasing profitability Positive management of liquidity Good control over assets and… Read More

European Investment Platform Mintos Shares Latest Risk Score Updates

The latest Mintos Risk Score updates based on developments and data from the third quarter of 2022 are now live on Mintos. All details can be found “on the Mintos Risk Score Updates page.” An overview of historical changes in the Mintos Risk Score through… Read More

Mintos Takes More Granular Approach to Displaying Risk Scores, Should Increase Transparency

The team at Mintos are pleased to announce an improvement to how the Mintos Risk Score is displayed on the platform. Previously, they displayed Mintos Risk Scores “as whole numbers, for example, 7. But now, [they] display all Mintos Risk Scores rounded to one decimal… Read More

Credifiel, one of Mexico’s Payroll Lending Firms, Introduces Cashback Offer

Credifiel, which claims to be one of the largest Mexican payroll lending companies specializing in loans for government employees whose loan repayments are deducted directly from their salaries, has “launched a cashback offer.” For a limited time, you can “earn a cashback for investments in… Read More

European Investment Platform Mintos Reaches Half a Million Registered Users

The team at Mintos is pleased to confirm that they’ve reached a new milestone of 500 000 registered users on their investment platform. Over the course of 2022, Mintos claims it experienced “a steady growth in registrations, with an average of 4372 users joining each… Read More

Latvia’s Alternative Lending Market Is Growing Steadily, Mintos Reveals

The team at Mintos has shared their latest Insight report, which looks at the alternative lending market of Mintos’ home country: Latvia. Forming part of Northern Europe’s Baltic region, Latvia is “a relatively small EU country with a modest population of 1.9 million.” As a… Read More

European Investment Platform Mintos Reports Significant Increase in Activity During Sep 2022

In the latest Insight update from Mintos, Martins Sulte, the platform’s CEO and Co-Founder of Mintos, comments on the last quarter on Mintos and provides a “sneak peek” at what you can expect in the following months. As mentioned in a blog post by Mintos,… Read More

Mexico’s Financiera Contigo, a Lending FIrm, Is Offering Cashback with Notes

Financiera Contigo (CEGE Capital), one of the largest Mexican microfinance loan providers, is now offering a cashback for investors on Mintos – “for a limited time only.” For Notes with a remaining term of 2 months 0 days or more, you can earn a cashback… Read More

Average Weekly Investments on Mintos Increased from €9M in July to €11M in August: Report

The team at Mintos has shared key insights, as part of their monthly publication that summarizes what’s been happening on the platform, including broader market activities. As noted in the update from Mintos, energy prices, inflation, and interest rates “continued to dominate the global investment… Read More

Mintos Ends Cooperation with UK based Litigation Financier Fenchurch

Mintos and UK-based litigation financier Fenchurch have mutually agreed “to wind down cooperation due to potentially increased reputational risk for Mintos and also the lending company, resulting from the ongoing liquidation of Fenchurch’s former parent company.” According to the proposed payment schedule, Fenchurch will have… Read More

Latvia’s DelfinGroup, a Non-bank Consumer Lender, Reports Steady Growth in Q2 2022

DelfinGroup, a non-bank consumer lender in Lativa, reports revenue of €8.6 million in the second quarter, “an increase of 46% compared to the same period last year.” The firm has provided the latest operational and financial information: Pre-tax profit “increased by 30% to €1.96 million,… Read More

Investors on Mintos Earned Around €2.2M in Interest in July at Average Rate of 11.8%: Report

Mintos Insight, a monthly publication that covers what’s been happening on the Mintos platform, including wider market activity, educational topics, and other updates, has been released. As mentioned in the report, the Fintech sector has already “staked its place in the finance industry, but its… Read More

Mintos has a Positive Outlook Considering Solid 14% Interest Rate, as of June 2022

The team at Mintos has shared their latest Insight report, which is their monthly publication that summarizes what’s been happening on their platform, including wider market updates, educational topics, and other pertinent information. During the last 6 months, the dynamics of the investment market “have… Read More

European Lending Platform Mintos Releases Risk Score Updates

The latest Mintos Risk Score updates based on developments and data from the first quarter of 2022 are live on the Mintos platform. The latest risk evaluation is “based on the first quarter of 2022, but also on some information sourced from the current payments… Read More

Around 335,000 Loans Were Funded, Equivalent to €60.3M via Mintos

Mintos notes in its Mintos Insight update that for certain investment products, regulation happens from the get-go, but for others, they might “not fall into a regulatory framework straight away.” While sharing other key takeaways from the Mintos Insight report, the team noted that new… Read More

Notes are Now Live on European Lending Platform Mintos

The team at Mintos notes that they are pleased to confirm that the first Notes are now available on the platform. According to Mintos, here’s what you should know about the arrival of the new financial instruments on the platform. Key takeaways shared by Mintos:… Read More

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