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European Lending Platform Mintos to Launch Notes on May 25

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  Mintos is pleased to announce that Notes will be launching via the platform on 25 May 2022. In anticipation of the upcoming launch, Mintos has put together “some key information regarding the transition from the current set-up to investing in Notes.” As a licensed… Read More

Financiera Contigo, a Mexican Lending Firm, Launches on Mintos

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Financiera Contigo (CEGE Capital), a lending firm doing business in Mexico,  will provide investment opportunities on Mintos with interest rates of “up to 12% per annum.” Financiera Contigo was founded in 2010 ​​by two brothers Allan and Emilio Cherem, who were “nominated by Forbes for… Read More

Sanctions, Russian Retaliation Leads to Disrupted Market Conditions, Mintos Reports

Russia equestrian statue of Peter I in Saint Petersburg

European lender Mintos notes that previously, they had prepared an overview of the “broader” effects of the war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia, and Russian “responding policies on the financial markets.” As noted in a blog post, Mintos is now sharing “an insight into how… Read More

Over 13% Interest Rates Across Lending Firms Now Provided Via Mintos

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For the first time in “a long time,” loan investments with mid-teen interest rates (in EUR) are being offered on Mintos – with over €10 million of loan investments “added at 13%+ in the past 2 weeks.” Higher interest rates are “being offered by multiple… Read More

Investors Can Donate to Help People in Ukraine via Mintos: Report

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European lender Mintos has posted its monthly publication that offers an overview of what’s been happening on the platform, “including recent investor activity, educational topics, and more.” Here are the main takeaways: Investors are now “able to donate to help the people in Ukraine and… Read More

European Lender Mintos Is Limiting Exposure to Loans from Russia, Ukraine

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European lender Mintos notes that they will be monitoring RUB currency dynamics on a daily basis, “closing positions at the end of the working day to prevent the risk of negative exposure.” The team at Minto wrote in a blog post that based on the assessment… Read More

Mintos Registers Claim in Case of MyBucks SA Bankruptcy in Luxembourg

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The team at European lender Mintos has shared updates about the latest actions taken in the case of GetBucks Botswana, GetBucks Zambia, and their guarantor – Luxembourg-headquartered firm MyBucks SA. GetBucks Botswana (Cashcorp Proprietary Limited, Firstcred Limited, TU Employee Benefits Proprietary Limited) and GetBucks Zambia… Read More

Mintos Reports 650,000 Loans Funded in Jan 2022, Equivalent to €128.3M, Investors Earned €3.5M+

Mintos Team

The team at Mintos has published the latest edition of Mintos Insight, which is their monthly publication that offers an overview of what’s been going on (on their platform), including commentary from their experts, recent investor activity, educational topics, and other updates. Key insights from… Read More

Mintos Says Major Priority for 2022 Is Completing Transition to Notes

Mintos UK

Earlier this month, the team at European lender Mintos had released their extensive Insight Report. Mintos noted that their monthly publication offers an overview of what’s been happening on their platform, including commentary from their team of experts, recent investor activity, educational topics, and other… Read More

European Lender Mintos Says it Has Removed Cautionary Measures for Firms in Kazakhstan Following Unrest

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European lender Mintos writes in an extensive update that the Internet connections in Kazakhstan has now been restored, and the restrictions on international payments “were lifted.” The team at Mintos also mentioned that they’ve received proof of payment from all their lending firms from Kazakhstan…. Read More

Martins Valters, Co-Founder at Mintos, Reveals that They Worked Extensively on Regulation-related Objectives in 2021

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The team at Mintos, an investment firm that claims to be the leading alternative investment platform in the European Union, says they’ve made “big things” happen at Mintos in 2021, resulting in “a lot of transformative change.” According to Mintos, the loans asset class (for… Read More

Lime Zaim Places Debut Bonds on the Moscow Exchange

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AS Mintos Marketplace (Mintos) has shared an update from Lime Zaim, a cooperation partner of Mintos that provides investment opportunities via Mintos.com. On 22 December 2021, Lime Zaim reportedly placed its debut bonds on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX) in the “amount of 300 million rubles.”… Read More

European Lender Mintos Shares Risk Score Updates for December 2021

Mintos Team

The team at European P2P lender Mintos has shared their latest Risk Score updates based on developments and data “from the third quarter of 2021” (now live on the platform). The Mintos team has shared the summary of the recent quarterly changes and other details… Read More

Mintos Is Introducing Responsible Investing Requirement for Automated Investments in line with MiFID II

Mintos Team

Mintos says it’s introducing a “responsible” investing requirement for all automated investments “in line with MiFID II.” The company notes that as investors will be able to invest in Notes in a regulated environment on Mintos, they are introducing “a responsible investing requirement for all… Read More

Eleving Group Sells its Bulgarian Business Operations to Eurolease Group

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The announcement shared below was reportedly provided to AS Mintos Marketplace (Mintos) by Eleving Group, a cooperation partner of Mintos that provides various investment opportunities via Mntos.com. Following Eleving Group’s strategy to consolidate investments in its “best-performing markets, a decision has been made to exit… Read More

Eleving Group Is Reporting “Record-High” Financial Results for 9M 2021

Graph Growth Increase

Eleving Group (previously doing business as Mogo Finance) has shared its unaudited results for the nine months of 2021, “conclusively determining the company’s course to the best financial year in its history.” As mentioned in a blog post published by the Mintos team, the group’s… Read More

European Personal Finance Firm IuteCredit Shares Latest Unaudited Operational, Financial Results

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IuteCredit has shared its unaudited results for 9M 2021. The firm has released its operational, strategic, and financial highlights along with comments from the company CEO. These details were provided to the AS Mintos Marketplace by IuteCredit, a cooperation partner of Mintos that provides investment… Read More

Latvia’s ExpressCredit Group Secures New Consumer Loan Funding from a US Investor

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ExpressCredit Group (ExpressCredit), a lending firm, has acquired $9 million (appr. €7.74 million) in new funding for specialty finance operations in Botswana. As mentioned in an update, this allows the firm to diversify its financial resources and “partially refinance its existing credit facilities funded by… Read More

Payroll and Direct Debit Loan Provider GoCredit Increases its Funding Security on Mintos

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After their initial announcement of GoCredit going live on Mintos on August 13, 2021, the team is pleased to confirm that Mintos has “finalized” the Master Trust structure with the lending firm. GoCredit is reportedly the second firm on Mintos (along with Alivio Capital) to… Read More

European P2P Lender Mintos Shares Updated Risk Scores based on Q2 2021 Data, Developments

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European P2P lender Mintos has released Risk Score updates for the month of October 2021. As mentioned in a blog post by Mintos, dated October 4, 2021, the latest Mintos Risk Score updates “based on developments and data from the second quarter of 2021 are… Read More

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