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Lending Club Releases Investor Update on Loss Forecasts

lending clubLending Club (NYSE:LC) has filed an 8-K regarding an investor update from the company’s Chief Investment Officer Siddhartha Jajodia. The letter includes an update on expected delinquency rates across the existing loan portfolio following changes made several times in 2016, and implemented additional changes… Read More

Lending Club Chief Investment Officer Sends Letter to Investors Providing Credit & Interest Rate Update

Siddhartha Jajodia, Lending Club‘s Chief Investment Officer, has forwarded a letter to the platform’s investor’s updating the key stakeholders on credit and interest rate changes. The letter from Lending Club (NYSE:LC) was disclosed in an 8-K filed with the SEC today (October 14, 2016). In… Read More

Lending Club Files 8K Updating on Rates & Loan Loss Projections

The largest marketplace lending platform in the US, Lending Club (NYSE:LC), has filed an 8-K with the SEC notifying interested parties that both interest rates and loss projections are being updated. According to the document, as of today (April 20, 2016) loan loss projections are… Read More

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