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Wealth Management: Baker Till Partners with Wealthtech Addepar to Diversify Revenue Streams

Baker Tilly, an advisory, tax and assurance firm dedicated to custom solutions that generate and sustain growth has entered a new partnership. Baker Tilly, and their subsidiary, Baker Tilly Wealth Management, a registered investment advisor, provide “a range of private wealth services to high-net-worth and… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Shares End of Year Updates, Introduces New Features

Addepar has shared its latest platform updates, along with providing research insights, and client, partner and company-wide developments. For this past month, Addepar is highlighting product updates “that elevate the Client Portal, as well as new attributes in Calculations.” Addepar also share a number of… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Surpasses $5 Trillion of Client Assets Managed on its Platform

Addepar, a global technology and data company for investment professionals, announced that it has exceeded $5 trillion of client assets managed on its platform. This milestone signifies the company’s position as the standard “for data management and aggregation, analysis and reporting.” Amidst fast-moving markets and… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Shares Latest Updates, Including Focus on Generative AI

New functionality and attributes are expected to fuel growth and scale in 2024, according to an update from Fintech firm Addepar. As part of a note shared by Addepar, the wealthtech firm has shared key platform developments, research insights along with client, partner and company… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Appoints Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar as Head of India Operations

Addepar opened a new office in Pune, India in March 2023 as they deepened their commitment to global expansion and R&D investment. Abhimanyu “Abhi” Prabhavalkar recently joined Addepar’s engineering leadership team during this exciting time of growth as their R&D regional lead in India, “bringing… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Introduces Features Allowing Clients to Run Reports at Enterprise Scale

Money Benjamin Dollars 100

Addepar has shared key platform updates, research insights and the latest client, partner and company developments. This month, Addepar is highlighting updates that will “enable firms to run reports at enterprise scale, as well as Client Portal improvements that offer more flexibility and functionality to… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Introduces Risk Management Framework with Suggestions to Help Investors Manage Cash, Meet Liquidity Needs

The Addepar platform has shared updates, research insights and client, partner and company developments. In August, Addepar made their Help Center more accessible by “bringing it in-app and introduced group automation to simplify and streamline group management.” Addepar released new research “on manager selection in… Read More

AUM Across Alternative Asset Classes Increased at CAGR of 10.7% from 2015 to 2021, According to Insights from Addepar

The team at Addepar recently held a discussion with Three Bridge Wealth Advisors and Navigator’s Rajiv Sharma. Recently, Addepar sat down with the co-founders of Three Bridge Wealth Advisors, Brett Sharkey and Eric Thurber, and product lead for Navigator, Rajiv Sharma, in order “to glean… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Report: Investor Sentiment Suggests Further Increases in Activity During H2 2023

Inside Addepar, a recap of key Addepar platform updates, research insights and client, partner and company developments, has shared that in July 2023, the firm introduced new product enhancements, which include “scheduling for daily reports and customizable charts in Navigator.” The Addepar Research team published… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Research: Successful Cash Managers Regularly Refresh Strategies to Current Market Conditions

Wealthtech firm Addepar has shared key updates, research insights and commented on client, partner and company developments. This past month, Addepar is highlighting “enhanced chart customization capabilities to uplevel reports, as well as the beta release of our in-app import tool to more efficiently bring… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Research to Improve Investment Decisions that Can Enhance Performance

The Addepar Research team leverages the power of Addepar’s unique, anonymized and aggregated data set “to help investors make smarter decisions, offer better advice and improve portfolio performance.” Research reports and insights are available to Addepar clients – leading firms in the investment and wealth… Read More

Wealthtech Firm Addepar Introduces New Security Features, Integrations

Wealthtech firm Addepar has shared their monthly update of activity on their platform along with research insights and client, partner and company developments. Addepar is introducing a visualized ownership structure along with a Global Security Master Entity Name attribute that “enables users to see total… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Introduces Test and Development Environment, Sandbox

Wealthtech Addepar recently shared key platform developments, research insights and client, partner and company updates. As noted in a blog post, Addepar Navigator continues “to generate interest from their clients as a tool for managing liquidity for portfolios with significant investments in private capital assets.”… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Expands to India with Pune Office

With their continued growth and drive to serve clients globally, Addepar is opening a new office in Pune, India. Establishing a presence in India will enable Addepar to increase their investments in research and development (R&D) and support “an increasingly global client base.” This expansion… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Introduces New Tools, Data and Access to Insights as Financial Market Shifts Continue

In February, Addepar gained additional insight into the latest market moves in their Investor Sentiment Index and Q4 2022 Secondary Market Pricing Scorecard. Addepar is debuting a new portfolio search bar in Analysis and Reporting and “offering Addepar users access to the Global Industry Classification… Read More

Wealthtech Addepar Introduces New Ways to Identify Key Performance Metrics

In December 2022, Addepar is introducing a new way “to spotlight key performance metrics in the Client Portal for web with changes to mobile slated for next month.” Addepar is also pleased “to announce individual table and chart filters in Analysis views.” You’ll also “find… Read More

Investors Rotated Out of Financial Services and Into Healthcare and Tech, Addepar Monthly Report Reveals

Addepar has shared the latest updates as they pertain to the Addepar platform, as well as key insights from their proprietary, “anonymized” and aggregated data set, along with highlights from their client community; and updates about their team at Addepar. In November, they’re taking a… Read More

London Office Expands Wealthtech Addepar’s European Business Operations

After expansive growth in both client base and product offerings, Addepar is pleased to announce “the continued growth of their European presence.” The opening of their London office “follows last year’s expansion in Edinburgh.” CEO Eric Poirier said: “We’re excited to see this addition to our… Read More

Addepar Investor Sentiment Index: Quite Bearish as Number of Investors Trading Below Historical Levels

Wealth management service provider Addepar has highlighted an important evolution for Addepar’s Salesforce integration, announced updates to their analysis tool, shared the latest investor sentiment derived from U.S. equity captured on the Addepar platform, and also provided additional resources for navigating the current market conditions…. Read More

Nicole Sager from FitzRoy Investment Advisors Comments on the Benefits of Using the Addepar Platform

FitzRoy Investment Advisors is a multi-family office based in Miami, Florida. Addepar is an independent firm that “provides investment advice to high-net-worth families and individuals.” Nicole Sager of FitzRoy Investment Advisors notes that her favorite Addepar feature is their intuitive search tool, which “makes things… Read More

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