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WealthTech Prosper Starts Crowdfunding Campaign, Will Offer Alternative to How Consumers Save and Invest

Founded by Nick Perrett of digital bank Tandem, Ricky Knox of Tandem and Azimo, and Phil Bungey of Nutmeg, new WealthTech platform Prosper is offering an alternative to how people save and invest. Where other FinTechs have transformed payments, currency exchange and banking, Prosper is… Read More

Private Wealth Management Survey: Biggest Challenge when Co-Managing Shared Assets Is Limited Governance

Nearly four in five wealthy families have had unplanned discussions about wealth with 26% later regretting it, according to a new study published by the Merrill Center for Family Wealth, a part of Merrill Private Wealth Management. The research found 33% of families “increased family… Read More

Hispanics in US On Track To Reach $113 Trillion in Collective Wealth By 2050

Hispanics, which currently represent nearly 20% of the US population, are on track to reach $113 trillion in collective wealth by 2025, according to a new report released by Fintech platform Finhabits. By comparison, the total household wealth in the US in 2022 was $140… Read More

Investment Platform Robocash Claims that Net Wealth of Europeans has Increased Significantly

By the end of 2022, the value of net assets per average resident of Europe reached €50,000, according to an update from Robocash. According to a report from Robocash, the largest share is occupied “by conservative instruments with noticeably growing alternative sources of financing.” Analysts… Read More

Hong Kong Wealth Rates to Resume Climb

Hong Kong’s wealth market is poised for a rebound after a pandemic-affected 2020, new research from GlobalData suggests. The number of affluent, mass affluent and high net-worth investors is expected to grow 7.8 per cent to reach 3.9 million this year. Sixty per cent (60.6)… Read More

Fintech Veteran Frank Rotman Talks Building Wealth with Investments, Real Estate, Business Ownership

Frank Rotman, who claims to be a 27+ year Fintech veteran and the Co-founder of QED Investors, notes that small businesses are quite important to our communities. Rotman points out that minority-owned small businesses do not have equal access to capital and the appropriate tools…. Read More

Gulf Wealth Management Launches Seedrs Campaign For Arabian Gulf Region’s Digital Wealth Management Platform

Gulf Wealth Management (GWM) is offering the UK public the chance to become founder shareholders in the first digital wealth management e-commerce platform focused on the investment needs of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC*) namely Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. GWM launched a… Read More

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