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China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

Beijing Will Vigorously Support the Development of Two Types of Credit Rating Agencies On September 6th, Huo Xuewen, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Financial Work gave a speech at the 2021 China Credit Forum. Huo introduced that Beijing would give priority to the development… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

Agricultural Bank of China Establishes Financial Technology Subsidiary On July 28th, the Agricultural Bank of China officially launched the “Agricultural Bank of China Fintech Co., Ltd.”. The new subsidiary is headquartered in Tongzhou District, Beijing with a registered capital of 600-million-yuan. Its main business is… Read More

CBDCs: State-managed Bank in China Introduces Test App for National Digital Currency

A state-managed bank in China seems to have launched a mobile-based test app that supports the People’s Bank of China’s (PBOC) virtual currency initiative. A website link allows users to download a payments app that has been provided by the Agricultural Bank of China (according… Read More

China: WeiyangX Fintech Review

LipPass: a New Type of User Authentication for Mobile Phones Sometimes, people might use fingerprint film or avoice recording, as shown in some movies, to bypass fingerprint or a voiceprint authentication checks on the phone. However, such tricks may not always succeed in the future…. Read More

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