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California Crowdfunding Bill Dies in Appropriations Committee

  The California bill that would legalize intrastate crowdfunding died in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee this past week – dashing the hopes of small business leaders and advocates across the country’s most populous state. AB 2096, originally sponsored by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, missed the deadline… Read More

Brief: California Crowdfunding Bill Moves to Judiciary Committee

The bill that legalizes equity crowdfunding in the state of California continues to push forward.  On May 19th the proposed legislation passed the California Assembly unanimously and moved to the Senate.  This past Wednesday the bill was approved by the Senate Business Professional and Economic… Read More

California Assembly Passes State Crowdfunding Exemption

The California assembly has passed their intrastate crowdfunding exemption.  The bill was passed unanimously on the assembly floor on Monday, May 19th.  According to the California Legislative information 75 representatives voted for the bill with 4 “no votes recorded”.  This success matches the reception the… Read More

California Crowdfunding Exemption Bill Moves Forward

Assembly Bill 2096 by Al Muratsuchi has entered into the process of potentially becoming law in the State of California.  The bill was scheduled to be heard in the Assembly appropriations committee today.  The investment crowdfunding exemption could put California on track to give their… Read More

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