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California Expected to Attempt Intrastate Crowdfunding Legislation Once Again

According to a note from Small Business California (SB Cal), the group that advocates on behalf of SMEs, SB Cal will be sponsoring legislation to improve access to capital via securities crowdfunding. This is not the first time that California has attempted to craft crowdfunding legislation… Read More

Is California the State Where Crowdfunding Goes to Die? Maybe Not, as Intrastate Legislation Resurfaces

California is a state that has attempted to enact intrastate crowdfunding regulations multiple times. Honestly, I have lost count as to how many times bills have meandered their way through the Sacramento process. Three maybe four times? By now, I am uncertain. So is California… Read More

California Crowdfunding Bill Takes Another Step Towards Becoming Law

The California intrastate crowdfunding bill (AB 1517) took another step in the direction of becoming an actual law yesterday.  On Tuesday, April 25th, the bill was green-lighted by the Assembly Banking and Finance Committee. Next up is the Assembly Appropriations Committee. A hearing on the AB… Read More

Try, Try Again. California Crowdfunding Bill Returns to State Legislature

California is perhaps the most natural state to enact an instrastate law to facilitate investment crowdfunding. Yet multiple attempts at crafting bespoke legislation to allow crowdfunding have failed multiple times. Honestly, I have lost count of the number of bills hoisted up the lawmaking flagpole… Read More

Slam: California Misses Another Opportunity to Legalize Equity Crowdfunding

According to SFGate over 650 bills hit the Senate Appropriations Committee this past Thursday: “On Thursday the Senate and Assembly weeded through more than 650 bills at an auctioneer-like pace in appropriations committees.” As part of this legislative finesse, the state of California has tossed… Read More

California Crowdfunding Bill Takes Another Step Forward

According to a report from Small Business California, the crowdfunding bill (AB 722) took another step in a positive direction as the bill came up in the Assembly Judiciary Committee and was unanimously approved (7-0). Apparently some changes needed to be incorporated into the existing bill… Read More

California Crowdfunding Bill Dies in Appropriations Committee

  The California bill that would legalize intrastate crowdfunding died in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee this past week – dashing the hopes of small business leaders and advocates across the country’s most populous state. AB 2096, originally sponsored by Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi, missed the deadline… Read More

Brief: California Crowdfunding Bill Moves to Judiciary Committee

The bill that legalizes equity crowdfunding in the state of California continues to push forward.  On May 19th the proposed legislation passed the California Assembly unanimously and moved to the Senate.  This past Wednesday the bill was approved by the Senate Business Professional and Economic… Read More

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