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Allegiancy Announces Reg A+ Offer at SXSW Ignition 1.0 Event

Commercial real estate manager Allegiancy announced their $30 million Reg A+ equity crowdfunding offer today during a presentation at SXSW.  While speaking at the NextGen Crowdfunding Ignition 1.0 event, Allegiancy CEO Steve Sadler explained how his firm would use the new capital to “attack inefficiencies in… Read More

Allegiancy Schedules Webcast on $30 Million Reg A+ Offer

Allegiancy indicated its intent to use Reg A+ to raise capital early on. Back in September, the commercial real estate management firm stated it would seek to raise the maximum amount of $50 million.  The firm then adjusted the target to $30 million in October and… Read More

Allegiancy Lowers Reg A+ Offer to $30 Million. Brings in WR Hambrecht to Help

Commercial real estate management firm Allegiancy has amended its Regulation A+ offering statement.  The company announced a Reg A+ offer this past September seeking to take advantage of the new securities exemption that was legalized under Title IV of the JOBS Act. The initial offer… Read More

Allegiancy Files $50 Million Reg A+ Offer

Commercial real estate management firm Allegiancy has filed a $50 million offering under Tier II of Regulation A+ hoping to become one of the first companies in the US to leverage this new securities exemption.  The new capital will be used to “make significant investments… Read More

Real Estate Firm Allegiancy Prepares for Growth. Plans $30 Million Reg A+ Offer

Richmond based Allegiancy, a real estate asset management firm, says it is preparing for outsized growth in the coming months.  The firm expects to double the number of employees over the next two years. To accommodate the growth plans, Allegiancy has just moved into new… Read More

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