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Clickbait: American Banker Article Declares Marketplace Lending Unsustainable

Publishing on the pages of American Banker, Todd Baker has written off the entire industry of marketplace lending. Baker states, “it should be obvious now that marketplace lending is unsustainable.” A pretty strong statement for a sector of alternative finance that has, until recently, experienced… Read More

While the UK Encourages Digital Only Challenger Banks, the US Holds Back

A reoccurring theme within the Fintech sector is the need for a regulatory environment that embraces competition and transparency.  Perhaps the best example globally continues to be the UK as the regulatory system has been cited on countless occasions as an important catalyst in driving… Read More

The Regulatory Risk for Marketplace Lending is Rising

  As marketplace lending grows and matures it is natural, even expected, for policy makers and regulators to stand up and take notice. While in the overall world of finance direct online lenders are still relatively small, more and more frequently amounts are measured in… Read More

Lending Club CFO Carrie Dolan on “Most Powerful Women in Finance” List

Carrie Dolan, CFO of Lending Club, has been named one of the 25 most powerful women in finance by American Banker.  Previously an executive with Charles Schwab, Dolan said that when she explained to friends and family she was leaving Schwab to join a money-losing… Read More

American Banker & Lending Club IPO Signal Peer to Peer Coming of Age

Last week’s American Banker P2P Lending and Investing Conference held in New York City (October 6-7) attracted over 375 bankers, investors, platforms and service providers. The sheer fact that a storied institution founded in 1863 and dedicated to the traditional banking industry facilitated such a… Read More

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