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Indiegogo’s Anastasia Emmanuel Reveals How Crowdfunding Has Become So Popular in the UK

Taking time away from her duties as Indiegogo’s Director of European Technology & Design, Anastasia Emmanuel sat down with Shiny Shiny to share details about her career and how popular crowdfunding has become. During her interview, Emmanuel discussed her passion for technology: “I totally fell into… Read More

Indiegogo’s Anastasia Emmanuel Shares Details About Her Career in Technology (Video)

Ready to open up about her career in a male-dominate industry, Indiegogo’s director of UK technology and design, Anastasia Emmanuel sat down with Marketing Magazine to weigh in on topics, including her presence in technology world and women’s workplace rights. During her interview, Emmanuel shared details… Read More

Animated Series “Simon’s Cat” Dubbed Most Successful Reward-Based UK Film on Indiegogo

Hilarious web series Simon’s Cat has had huge success on the crowdfunding giant Indiegogo over the past few weeks. The YouTube channel launched campaign on July 8th for its new video Off to the Vet. Originally seeking only £275,850, Simon’s Cat has raised £304,937 from 9,963 backers. Not only has it… Read More

Indiegogo’s Anastasia Emmanuel Shares Details About “Go Crowdfund Britain”

Over the past few weeks, Indiegogo UK has been on-the-go thanks to its Go Crowdfund Britain campaign. As previously reported, this new initiative was launched on June 23rd and is seeking to raise a million pounds to get Britain’s best ideas, coolest inventions, brightest young businesses and… Read More

Indiegogo UK Marketing Manager Anastasia Emmanuel Talks “Go Crowdfund Britain” (Video)

Indiegogo UK Marketing and Community Manager Anastasia Emmanuel chats up their just announced Go Crowdfund Britain campaign.  Indiegogo recently raised about $40 million in a new funding round and then followed that up with more big name investors like Sir Richard Branson.  With a solid war… Read More

Indiegogo: “Go Crowdfund Britain” Campaign Launches June 23rd

“Go Crowdfund Britain” Seeks to Raise £1 million from UK Crowdfunding Projects. Global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo will launch their inaugural “Go Crowdfund Britain” initiative on 23rd June 2014. “Go Crowdfund Britain” is a drive to raise a million pounds to get Britain’s best ideas, coolest… Read More

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