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Shelvspace Raised $1M Seed Funding for SaaS Solution, Tallwave Capital & AngelList Syndicates Fund Invest

Shelvspace, aiming to transform the way US consumer packaged goods are sold in retail with   its cloud-based mobile platform, announced it has received $1 million in seed round funding.Headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona with regional sales in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Chicago, Shelvspace is a portfolio company of Tallwave,… Read More

New York Accelerator StartUp Health Among First Accelerators to Launch Crowdfunding Syndicate on AngelList

StartUp Health, a New York-based technology accelerator, is now among the earliest accelerators to begin health-investing syndicates on AngelList, according to a recent story in Wall Street Journal’s blog, Venture Capital Dispatch. The accelerator also calls itself an “academy,” due to its multi-year involvement with digital-health startups. Companies… Read More

Disrupt: TechCrunch & AngelList Talk Late-Stage Funding Syndicates, Global Expansion & a New Fund System

In a recent post, TechCrunch’s Jonathan Shieber shared the latest from AngelList co-founder Naval Ravikant, angel investor Gil Penchina and CrunchFund Investor and TechCruch Founder Michael Arrington from the stage of Disrupt SF 2014, ” AngelList is expanding globally and launching new vehicles for accredited investors to back what amounts to indexed AngelList… Read More

WATCH: Steven Dresner, Bob Rice Talk Crowdfunding On Bloomberg

Bob Rice is Managing Partner at Tangent Capital Partners and Bloomberg TV’s Alternative Investment Editor. He sat down with Steven Dresner of Dealflow.com to discuss crowdfunding, the JOBS Act and some perhaps unforeseen hangups for equity crowdfunding in the US. Interestingly, Rice and Dresner discuss something… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 19, 2013

VentureBeat: WePay’s API pays off, handles 648% more crowdfunding volume than last year The headline says it all… WePay is seeing some pretty impressive traction providing payment services to crowdfunding campaigns, but they’re quickly moving toward robust solutions for platforms as well. A provided API has… Read More

FoundryGroup’s AngelList Syndicate To Funnel $2.5M Into Startups

Foundry Group is a VC fund focused on early-stage IT, internet and software startups. The firm has just announced the formation of FG Angels, an AngelList Syndicate that aims to funnel $2.5 million in funding into 50 companies between now and the end of 2014…. Read More

For Fund Managers, There’s One Big Question Invested.in Alpha Will Help Answer

For entrepreneurs and investment professionals, opportunity lies where there is access to investors. It is a reality that has paid dividends for AngelList, especially in light of the recent release of AngelList Syndicates. AngelList focused on the network first. Now Title II and general solicitation… Read More

AngelList Syndicates: Turn Thought Leadership Into Startup Cash

AngelList has been testing a new feature called AngelList Syndicates. Synidcates allow accredited investors to pool resources, and the syndicator can charge a carry for value adds similar to many hedge funds and VCs. AngelList explains… Here’s an example. Sara decides to invest in a… Read More

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