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Morgan Bierschenk: CEO at Geoship, a Regenerative Village Building Platform, Explains why His Firm Chose Equity Crowdfunding to Raise Capital

We recently caught up with Morgan Bierschenk, the founder and CEO at Geoship, a Washington-based regenerative village building platform, “owned by the people, in service to the Earth.” Geoship aims to transform the housing industry by “building the future of home.” The company designs and… Read More

Prodigy Design Lab Launched for 17John “Cotel” in NYC

Prodigy Network, one of the first crowdfunding for real estate platforms, has announced the launch of “Prodigy Design Lab”, the very first crowdsourcing platform dedicated to real estate, architecture, interiors, and urban planning. The first competition hosted on this new platform is for the design of the… Read More

Monument of Love Failed to Hit Crowdfunding Goal, Starts Over

The Lovemark Monument of Love was supposed to raise $175,000 just in time for Valentines Day 2014.  Unfortunately the $175,000 target was a bit too steep and the project fell far short raising raising only $47,005. Fearing momentum was not quite there, the campaign organizers… Read More

Prodigy Network Shares Renderings, Plans For 17 John In New York City (Gallery)

Earlier this year real estate crowdfunding platform Prodigy Network and CEO Rodrigo Nino were talking about crowdfunding a hotel in downtown New York just one block away from the World Trade Center. Now we now have details of what that project may come to be,… Read More

Architects beseech financial regulators: Allow equity in crowdfunding

Oh what crowdfunding could be. If only the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission would get its act together. So says the Washington, D.C.-based American Institute of Architects (AIA). Crowdfunding, the popular form of raising money via Internet sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo has taken off in the… Read More

Crowdfunding Architecture: Impact of Crowdfunding as Alternative Way to Raise Capital

Crowdfunding, the practice of investing in projects through the use of a crowd-supported web based fundraising campaign, shows significant promise for attracting investors to smaller real estate projects and getting them off the architect’s drawing board, according to a report issued today by the American Institute… Read More

The crowdfunding space is getting crowded, presenting more and more opportunities for community-based design patronage.

The three-year-old crowdfunding website Kickstarter could very well be called a design incubator. Of 75,000 total project launches, the “design” category ranks third overall in dollar haul, and other categories like fashion and publishing easily overlap into the design disciplines. In this vibrant online community,… Read More

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