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Kickstarter Suspended Project Areal Renamed & Gives Crowdfunding A Second Chance

This past summer, CrowdfundInsider shared the infamous story about West Games’ Areal, which was considered one of Kickstarter’s weirdest crowdfunding campaigns to date. Although project hit its $50,000 goal quickly, the global crowdfunding giant shut down its campaign before it could raise any more funds. Now, the Areal is… Read More

Suspended Kickstarter Areal Reveals Reasons for Shutdown

Claims of Russian Interference and Death Threats as Campaign is Re-Launched on Areal web site. Just a few days after Kickstarter pulled the plug on the bizarre crowdfunding campaign for West Games’ Areal, the video gaming studio reveals even more drama has been involved in… Read More

Kickstarter Suspends Areal Campaign After Passing $50,000 Goal

West Games’ Areal, one of Kickstarter’s weirdest crowdfunding campaigns to date, hit its $50,000 goal earlier this week and then was shutdown by the crowdfunding platform today (July 22nd). The video game, created by senior ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers,  features a massive and intricately detailed open world environment… Read More

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